what is the best miniatures game out there?
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Thread: what is the best miniatures game out there?

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    Default what is the best miniatures game out there?

    of course we have things like 40k, warmachine, ragnarok, malifaux blah blah blah. whats your favorite?

    honestly its a tie between space hulk and super dungeon explore.

    space hulk is a time honored tradition of hard well fought out missions.

    super dungeon explore is just plain fun.

    and even though i play 40k the most, the most fun i have is with smaller scale games.
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    Here is my ranking:

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    im a diehard "song of blades and heroes" / "shadowsea" / "flying lead" fan.
    > perfect size (warband level)
    > fast to play with intuitive & flexible rules, even for non gamers.
    > not tied to any miniatures line so you can play with what you have
    > versions of the rules for any genre from fantasy to modern to horror to steampunk, to sci-fi...really anything can be done. there are a vast number of options to make a model that plays exactly like you want it to (e.g. poison, stealth, madness, fearless, magic of all kinds,terror,were-creatures, undead, artificial, pack animals, leaders, swarms, berserk, death rays, crewed weapons, tanks, build your own gun...whatever).
    > no stupid rules about what models you can or cant use - you can build each model or use premade stats to get the exact warband composition you want. mix n' match.
    > loads of supplements / options to vary the complexity of the system as youd like. solos, DM led dungeon crawls, campaigns, scenario fights .....
    > talk to the game designers directly at the yahoo group if you have questions and get a reply that day. very active community online. have an idea that doesnt exist yet? make one up and it could show up in the next supplement (e.g. "taskmaster" was made by a member of the boards.)
    > soooooo much fun and not annoying to play, ever.
    IMHO the system cant be beat. is just so flexible and accommodating without being burdensome. a highly tactical well balanced game in half an hour with no bickering is awesome.

    edit: i realize i have entered full on fanboy mode, but seriously, try it. you wont regret spending the $5-$15 for the PDFs.
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    I have to agree with Space Hulk. I'm not a gamer by any standards but the rules were so easy to pick up and it was fast paced. Just wished i'd picked up a new ed...It was worth it for the termie models alone =(
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    Legends of the old west?
    Secrets of the third reich?/incursion?
    Rate of fire?
    Rules of engagement?
    Apart from ROE theyre all much smaller scale , I have grown weary of my repititious IG games. Over the years Ive built up 40,000 pts of one guard army , one uniform etc. Looks awesome , but a bit unwieldy.

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    I enjoy Space Hulk though the games are somewhat disposable. Much prefer Necromunda, keep returning to that, running multiple gangs. It's the zoomed in mechanics, the greater detail it has over things like 40k scale "armies", but it's the campaign system that makes it so "sticky".
    Mordheim is similar in its focus, but it just doesn't have such a compelling campaign system. Shame that, prefer fantasy to sci-fi, but the range of skills and tech can't compete.

    Never really warmed to the 40k/WFB size forces, a few dozen blokes, a vehicle/monster and a hero doesn't sing "army" to me, just a weird size force somewhere between skirmish and army scale and not ticking the boxes for either. When I've a craving for something bigger I'd turn to Epic scale.

    Am yet to play Aeronautica Imperialis but I'll get around to it. The book's a rip off though, all those colour pages of example colour schemes bumping up the price from what could have been a pamphlet, the rules are only about three dozen pages. Still figure I'll enjoy it though. It's that zoomed in mechanics, dealing with small forces of starfighters/atmospheric flyers. Not drawn to the slow slugfest of BFG, capital ships battering each other, gimme fast fighters anyday.
    Used to enjoy Star Warriors, a companion ruleset for the old WEG Star Wars RPG. Little card cits representing fighters on a hex map, more card chits placed down to plan ones actions to get the right mix of speed, jinking, firing and all that.

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    I'm going to be a complete arse and say Warhammer 40k.

    Yeah I know, there are lot's of other games out there that have rules which...you know, make sense.

    And there are games out there that you can pick up and play without spending...your whole paycheck.

    Plus there are those games out there that don't require you to paint...well, an absurd amount of mini's

    But damnit if I go to the hobby shop and want to start a pickup game of anything you know what we play? Warhammer 40k. I can't get a game of anything else going unless I plan it way in advance. Warhammer 40k has infiltrated the lives of enough gamers that it's simply easier to play a game of that than the others. So all in all, more fun playing Warhammer 40k than anything else.

    Sad, isn't it?
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    never played but loved necromunda.

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    Gorkamorka. Everyones an ork... quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shellshock View Post
    Gorkamorka. Everyones an ork... quality.
    If everyone is an Ork then really no one is an Ork. Or giant flaming flamingos. I forget which.
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    Last Night on Earth
    Space Hulk

    In no particular order.

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    My fav would be 40k...not because I've been playing recently...but because if it hadn't been for those space marine figures in the display cabinet when I walked into the store on my way home from school as a wee bugger (12yr) I would've never gotten into the hobby

    For easy pick up games I have got to say ... Twilight Creation's: ZOMBIES!!!
    For most fun as a gamer, Spacehulk/Necromunda and then BloodBowl/Mordheim/BFG

    Never played epic, and didn't like the game WFB, but love most of the minis.

    Still like Warmachine, but haven't played enough to include it here...LOL.

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    Gonna hold my hand up here and say that I think Space Hulk (& Space Crusade) is a festering turd.

    No fence sitting on that one.
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    i love last night on earth vike. been playing it for the last 6 months with my 7 year old. every other friday is space hulk and last night on earth night.
    Brushlicking is the miniature painting equivalent of a rock'n'roll life-style!

    Here is my ranking:

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    My vote is on the RPG side--3.5 D&D and Pathfinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fieldarchy View Post
    My vote is on the RPG side--3.5 D&D and Pathfinder.

    but meg, dont forget about the easy play stylings of 4.0. we all must bow down to its awesome...

    in truth we had a fun time selling our 4th editions online 2 weeks after our first game. and went back to 3.5.
    Brushlicking is the miniature painting equivalent of a rock'n'roll life-style!

    Here is my ranking:

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    Nothing wrong with either D&D 3.5 or D&D 4.0

    They're simply different. Penny Arcade put out a comic about this particular issue. Basically you're not a true D&D junkie until you defend a version against the inferior future versions that are threatening it.

    For instance I thought 3.0 was absolute shite the first few times I played it. (having played Advanced D&D) Got used to it, and then they posted the 3.5 rules. Got used to that and then they posted 4.0 rules. Getting used to that, and next they will post Cthulu and the world will be reduced to a Lovecraftian Dystopia. I'll probably get used to that too.
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    Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!
    Blasting forth in three part harmony!

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    Necromunda - All time favorite.

    Legions of Steel - Great rules system but unfortunately short lived company.

    Gorkamorka - Just loved the idea of the Diggas mob. Humans that think they're orks.

    Spacehulk (all 3 editions though deathwing expansion for 1st ed. overly complicated the game)

    Basically I like games based around small warbands with a good campaign setup.
    Been itching to have a crack at warmachine but nobody plays it within a few hours ride from home.
    If a mini looks cool and i have money i somehow end up broke.

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    try the online 2d version. My first two games before I assembled and painted my figs were on there. Starts with a V I think...I posted it in the Warmachine forum like a year ago....LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesterzUSMC View Post
    For easy pick up games I have got to say ... Twilight Creation's: ZOMBIES!!!
    nice, nice. this game is awesome fun. have just about every expansion pack they have made and i play a game every week or two with the wife. never gets old.

    fieldarchy has a point - 3.5/pathfinder can have some pretty epic mini battles.
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