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    He's now up to a 7.0 which seems about right for the pic. When you get the score and you think it's lower than you would like take into consideration where your mini fits when you search for that particular mini. Yours is on the second page amoungst other Sanguinors of a similar standard. There are not that many high ranking Sanguinors ( only 3 above 8.3 ) and to be honest I think that some got higher marks because of who posted it rather than the mini itself. So in general the Sanguinors tend to get lower marks because it just isn't seen as a cool mini. It happens sometimes.

    There are many tips above about how to cope with the scores. Mine is don't take them too seriously. Don't regard them as a hard and fast, more as a ball park figure. There are too many random elements that have to be taken into account when reading a score.

    On the subject of photography the tips above are sound advice. My 2pence worth would be to use a coloured background either light blue or a blue grey. The white is a bit harsh and with the sanguinor it also tends to make the wings blend out so that you don't really notice them.

    You are painting well and by coming here to the forums you will get more sensible advice on how to improve and better feedback than you will just by waiting for comments on your postings.
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    Your work is very solid, and I think a good example of how people are under-rating submissions these days. I'd put this guy at a 7.5, and your St. Celestine at a firm 8. I definitely agree with TBS that a darker background would help your paint jobs stand out better.
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    CMON is what it is - which does tend to mean that voting can get slightly bizarre and frustrating. I wouldn't really let it get you down! As it stands, your figure is now on a 7, which I think is pretty good! The one down side of the sniping which I do sometimes worry about is when it gets so bad that folk do take their perfectly well painted stuff off the site because of it. Which means I don't get to see it! Without the wonderful stuff, CMON wouldn't be the font of all things shiny and pretty, and that'd be a terrible thing indeed.

    Anyway, I tend to find it much more beneficial to post up on the forum, get some decent crit and then pop it on CMON proper, with no worry about the results.

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    Pretty much nailed it Joek. A 7 is considered pretty good these days. As for the rest f**k it, if you're in this hobby for the scores, you should be looking to the Olympics or something similar.
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    yup srite well said do it for the art

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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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