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    After the assassination of Abraham Erskine and the only succesful test patient Steve Rogers during the final trials of Operation: Rebirth the United States Army was forced to accelerate contingency plans to keep up with the Nazi super soldier program. In 1942 Millionaire industrialist Howard Stark delivered with engineering and steel the super soldier chemistry had hoped to provide. Under a shroud of secrecy Howard Stark perfected his creation and and unveiled his new armour construction that would allow for America to deploy it's own answer to Nazi Germany's "Red Skull".

    Pictured is Howard Stark at Normandy in 1944. By the end of the War only a handful of suits had been constructed, though several different weapons configurations had been succesfully field tested by Nick Fury and the "Howling Commando's".

    Here's a link for those so interested...

    So that's my little blurb. This is also my entry for my "American Flag" challenge over on WAMP. I had a lot of fun painting this mini and it took a lot of patience. I'd love to hear any and all crit's! This was for sure the most amount of time I have sunk into a single mini. Thanks gang! Feel's like forever since I posted a mini anywhere. Yikes!

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    I have to bow down to you on this one Scott.

    Fantastic version of the APES mini, I am absolutely stealing this idea.

    This is my favorite of all the stuff you've done. I'm a big Captain America fan (because of you as well)...This is absolutely cool as hell!

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    Hey, thanks Vike! I thought you might like this one. Being a Cap A fan has been tough over the years (The 90's were... ugh...) but I think recently they've been doing good stuff with him in the comics. Still really like the Brubaker run. You should check out the first 12 issues of the Strazinsky (sp) Thor run. It was well done as well!

    And to answer you question from another forum, no Howard Stark didn't do any armored fighting stuff. I think Marvel timeline is he worked on the Manhattan project. The guy who made the Super Serum was killed just seconds after doing the last dose for Steve Rogers. I thought that maybe if the spy had killed the dude seconds before, and Steve Rogers with him, that maybe Howard Stark might have put his efforts into a suit or something. Just a little blurby. It was kind of fun.

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    That makes it even better, knowing the storyline is your own....I've made this my computer wallpaper. Too cool.

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    cool capten america dude scott, and your blending is getting pretty smooth!

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    The lost 5th Captain America. Very nice! Great paint job, instantly recognizable.

    Doesn't hurt that Cap ranks up there in my top three superheros either. I like!

    edit: One suggestion: Paint the shield design on the Powerfist. I feel like he should have some reference to the shield. Every Cap has carried some version of it.
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    looks great! smooth where it needs to be. could do with grubbier feet imo. and DRILL OUT THE BARREL!! hang your head in shame boy!

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    Fluff Logic only applies in the GW game-iverse and has absolutley nothing to do with reality. It needs to be applied heavy handed and with liberal amounts of fan boy body odour.

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    Fantastic as usual......
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    Haha, the concept makes this thing awesome alone! Great work on a different take.
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    This is utterly awsome. The blending is smooth, and I love the face but the overall concept puts it over the top to me. Great work.

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    Amazing! But here's another vote for SHIELD! He really should have one. (I would have actually removed the gun and used that as his shield arm, but that's just me.)

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    Thanks guys. Good point about the barrel, I feel shame.

    I had thought about doing the shield design somewhere, but it's super tough. Circles are too tough for me! I opted to not put a full on shield on the mini figuring the armour would make a shield redundant. It was kind of fun to paint. But I am sick of blue for a bit!

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