30 mm Flat figures
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    Default 30 mm Flat figures

    Hi everyone,

    here a mini diorama (WIP), painted by one of my friend of my painting club, Jean-marc.
    I made the picture for him this afternoom.
    It's 30 mm flat figures, oils paints.
    All comments welcome!

    link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/266679

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    Interesting. Not a lot of love for the flats here, usually.

    Gotta say though, flats always seemed like a missed opportunity tome. Why sculpt a flat mini when you could have done a 3-D one?

    Edit: ahhh right, there was a time before rubber molds and spin-casters. These would be a lot easier to mass-produce.

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    I had to post on this. Love the colors, like the depth that was brought to these otherwise 2d mini's.

    Being that I currently can't draw worth beans, I really appreciate the work done on these personally. Excellent imo.

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    These are awesome!
    Would love to find some flats and give them a go. I think they might be a Almost lost art.

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    I'm strangely captivated by these things, this is awesome. They look somehow like an illustration...yet...not. Love the colour choices and the blends are really well done. Really solid work!
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    I've painted a few flats, and have to say it is very enjoyable. I wish there were more flats in my interest range though.

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    Flats should be painted as though from a specific lighting direction, basically as you would in a painting, not with the sort of generic lighting we tend to use on fully-round figures.


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