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    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since i've posted anything really, i just got a new camera and am still playing around with it, but if anyones interested, i recently did a video on painting NMM Sanguinor. It's still going through some stages, and right now i've painted the wings and filmed that. If anyone is interested in taking a peek here you go:]

    Hopefully these can help some people out.

    Cheers, Gary.
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    Great tut mate. Thanks.

    Just a quick question wouldnt it be easier to block in colours with a little thicker paint and then go over where they meet with glazes to smooth the transitions?
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    great video man, I like it alot! I have been playing with this tech a little lately and tweaking it to my liking.

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    Great stuff! Always appreciate videos!

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    @ Noddwyr

    You could have, but i prefer to use diluted paint as it ensures an even surface.

    And i'm glad you guys enjoyed the video! i'm glad it could help.

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    Thanks for the reply. Will try it out.

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    Figure out the blue wings yet???

    I'm kinda wondering if you used space wolves grey instead of codex grey to bring out the midtones, but I'm not sure...
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