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Thread: Looking for; park bench, street lamp

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    Default Looking for; park bench, street lamp

    Can't for the life of me find anything like this, looked through eBay, google etc, model railway stockists the lot bleh. I need between 28-35mm park bench and an oldish fashioned street lamp, don't care if it's plastic, metal or resin, weather I need to ship it from down the road or timbuktu, cost doesn't matter either gaah, help me and I'll love you forever, truely

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    Shall I make you a set? XD

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    Micro art have some street lamps. http://www.shop.microartstudio.com/f...n-c-21_42.html They're available through the CMON shop too.

    A lot of scenery items like this have you run into the issues of converting from the 28mm/28mmheroic/32mm we use, to the 1/72, 1/54 type of scale military modellers adopt. It's tricky, as our heroic mini's tend to have oversized heads, hands, and weapons, which is glaringly obvious when put alongside the other stuff.
    Here's a chart for conversion purposes. http://theminiaturespage.com/ref/scales.html

    What "should" be too big tends to work better than one of those scales that should be closer to our 28mm mark. I'd suggest the 1/48 and 1/35 scales having the goodies.

    Plusmodel have quite an exhaustive range of accessories. http://www.plusmodel.cz/produkce_en.php?filter_type=a

    One park bench, in 1/35 scale. http://www.plusmodel.cz/karta_en.php?id=222
    And one of their light options http://www.plusmodel.cz/karta_en.php?id=296

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    iiiih nice one fellas just raided both webstores, got stuff I don't even need ontop xD

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    historex does that to me too. i try not to visit as i could spend too much there!

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    Fenris has a park bench. They have some streetlamps, too, but I don't know if they were the kind you're looking for.


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