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    Hi all,

    This little guy was stop and go for a few months but I finally got it done. I liked this model when it was just coming out and wanted to do it justice. The reds on the scales are mainly ink glazes over a base of golden sand color primer from the Army Painter. The base color of the scales was done with Liquitex red-orange ink, then highlights were added with Reaper MS reds to get a good opaque finish. The last coats were GW Baal red wash to get rid of any shine from the inks and a bad can of Dullcote. The dark color is turquoise ink. All edge highlights on the scales were with orange ink mixed with some Reaper golden highlight. This made it dry a bit slower than mixing orange paint so it was easier to make the fine edge lines. For the bone spikes and spurs I used Reaper uniform brown + creamy ivory, mixing them both with some Liquitex flow aid. The flow aid made the blending much easier. The trickiest part were the wings, as they were smooth and required a lot of blending. The flow aid was not useful for me there so I stuck with many layers of Reaper reds of different shades.

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    Here is the Coolmini link.

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    He looks pretty sweet. Nice job.

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    nice work. thanks for sharing the recipes

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    Very nice, I like the way you've broken it up by adding "patches", very effective.
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    Jeez, hats of to ye! I've had a Ral Partha dragon for years and haven't worked up the courage to so much as assemble and prime it yet!

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