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Thread: Help me finish my gaming table!

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    Great looking table. I might suggest the techno bridge from pegasus hobbies. I'm pretty sure it will fit a land raider. I know it will definitely fit a leman russ. It comes in a few pieces so you can adjust only the length. You could make people bridges from the cities of death floor spues, or from "granny grating" - it's a plastic mesh.
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    All the suggestions regarding bridges and buildings are pretty good. I would suggest that you make the pieces but don't fix them in place so that you can change how the game is played by moving stuff around. The number of bridges will have quite an impact on how the game plays out; the fewer of them the harder to move around without jump packs/etc. It could also raise the possibility of being abe to 'destroy' structures and then replace them with appropriatly modelled pieces.
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    Want this to be an Imperial research station or perhaps something xenos?

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