I am thinking of selling my Warmachine stuff. All models are made from metal. I don't have the pictures of all my models but will make them if asked. My stuff includes:

-MKII softcover rulebook $29.99
-WM Menoth softcover army book $34.99
- WM Menoth battlebox $49.99:
*Heavy Warjack Crusader - painted http://www.coolminiornot.com/248632
*Light Warjack Revenger - painted
*Warcaster Kreoss - unpainted, still in the box
*Light Warjack Repenter - unpainted, still in the box
- Light Warjack Redeemer - painted $ 17.99
-Warcaster High Reclaimer 2010 - painted $14.99 http://www.coolminiornot.com/246944 (this model was edited, sveral mould lines were noticed only after uploading the pictures, I'll upload updated pictures)
-Choir of Menoth. 5 Acolytes + 1 Warpriest. $31.97 One acolyte and a warpriest are painted nicely. (better than the Reclaimer I think)
Total: 179.92 - Privateer press prices.

I live in Lithuania, which is a Baltic country in Eastern Europe. Postage in EU is no problem, US is more tricky and expensive, but possible. Choir, Reclaimer, Redeemer have MKII cards, others - MKI.
Waiting for your offers as I have no idea about the prices I can get for my things. I will paint them all eventually.