What did you get for Christmas?
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Thread: What did you get for Christmas?

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    Default What did you get for Christmas?

    Well...What did you get?

    I forgot to mention:

    I got a Ogre man-eater (the pirate)
    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Rule Book
    Tons of sugar free chocolate
    A bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label
    Some Shaving cream
    Sugar Free egg nog mix. Not bad really. Just think jelly pudding that hasn't set.
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    a ferrari f430. red of course.oh and a shatsui back massager.

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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    A crocheted blanket, a bottle of Tyrconnel, and a 1-hour paid massage at this parlor across town. We only agreed to trade hand-made or consumable stuff this year. Kept prices down. Oh and we slept until noon.

    The cats on the other hand got a laser pointer, a pair of those cat tree things, a 12 oz container of catnip, and two new cat beds.

    A damn fine take if you ask me.
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    A steampunk novel, old mongomery wards catalog, a book on how to make steampunk jewlery, a book on Herny VIII, xmas ornaments and a mini from Roger.
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    Serveral manga/graphic novels, 2 quantum leap boxsets and a beautiful hair pin with little spiders on it. Oh and some dark eldar....
    Forgot to mention, also got lots of scummy chocolate from Hotel Chocolate too
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    Quantum leap- legendary

    got a load of books and the ultramarines movie. Tbf to them
    it's in a nice box. We shall see how shite the film is....

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    Lots of warm clothes, much appreciated

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    Raven guard box set, limited edition white dwarf. 1 warm jumper, 1 horrible jumper and my wife surprised me with a massive 75 years of DC comics collector edition. (thanks for those death guard minis, sweet!)

    oh and Medal of honour so i can pretend soldier!
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    Merlin season 1 dvd
    Eden of the east series dvd
    Vampire knight series dvd
    Food blender
    Electric shaver
    Electric toothbrush
    Stomache ache

    kids got spoilt rotten lol, even the neighbours got them presents, good day all in all hope everyone had a good time too.

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    Brushes. A variety of balsa wood for my soon-to-begin attempts at building scenery.
    Iron Man II.
    Terry Gilliam movie collection.
    A new wallet.
    A bunch of socks and t-shirts (much needed)
    A new power bar.
    A hoodie.
    And I bought myself a dremel as a present that noone else would buy me.
    Also got a wonderful breakfast that I didn't have to cook for myself.
    Five bonus pounds of Christmas fat, which will take me until mid-June to shed again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarstoolProphet
    Five bonus pounds of Christmas fat, which will take me until mid-June to shed again.
    Amen brother! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.


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    I got a towel(a very rainbowy gay towel with the cryptic letters S P O R T on, I have NO idea what that means...
    A clown doll
    A coffee machine
    A set of vintage gold plated coffee cups (pure awesome)
    Enough cloth to cover the apartment with (mom wants Katja to make curtains. )
    Candy, horrible, horrible amounts of candy...
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    I got a warm blanket and some warm clothing (my new apartment is chilly),
    an assortment of chili- flavored foods
    2 frying pans
    a puzzle
    Borderlands Robot Revolution
    and the obligatory towels.

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    Well, I've just drunkenly stumbled home & apparently it takes 3 tries to hit each key on my keyboard correctly, the backspace button is receiving a lot of attention tonight

    Loads of goodies but multiple bottles of bubbly are making it all a bit fuzzy Hobby related goodies include a 12 well ceramic pallette, 20x Manic Skelebobs, Rackham P-65 Giant Scorpion, Owlbear & Charnel Grub (Carrion Crawler to any D&D player). I'm well chuffed

    Painted Ash went down very well & was identifiable by non-gamer film-buffs. Hurrah!

    Merrry Cri8mvbo all, xchers B.
    My CMON Gallery Rank...

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    Air Compressor and a airbrush, plus a thing of LifeSavers candies.
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    my present to myself was the new world of warcraft expansion. i can see my life ticking away again already.

    gave away a lot of my ceramic things. family mostly gave me cash/gift cards. my mom gave me a 6 pack, which I promptly started on.

    all in all a good holiday. a very Merry Christmas to all of you.

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    Eh a lot of abuse really, same as usual! lol!
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    Russian SKS Rifle and $50 to go towards things that make it go... BANG! (loves it)

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    A trip to Tasmania for the Taste of Tasmania food and wine festival! Here's to finishing off a shitty first half of year and wonderful end of calendar year - I got a title promotion! Same pay, more work, but what the heck .

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    A great Christmas dinner! Cheers Mrs. B!

    A Wah Wah pedal for my guitar - for those Hendrix and funk vibes
    A Glass slide for my guitar - for those Ry Cooder moments
    A 5x guitar stand for all my guitars - there's a theme here I reckon
    Keith Richards' Autobiography
    AC/DC TNT album which Mrs. B had to get from Oz
    'It might Get Lound' DVD - definitely a theme here.... I'm almost certain now :P
    A cool Converse hoody
    A Munny and some miniature munnys
    A bottle of Bushmills Malt

    A great haul really

    Off today to see removed family so probably (and hopefully) Some Whisk(e)y based gifts are inbound \0/
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