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Thread: What did you get for Christmas?

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    Of course you know that there is a new princess movie, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mud duck View Post
    Of course you know that there is a new princess movie, right?

    Yes but it's not on DVD yet! So that'll be next Christmas. This is a running theme since I was little. Dad always gets at least one Disney Movie for me. Beauty and the Beast is my FAVORITE Disney movie of all time though. And I had to wait a while for it to come out again. I do need to get Hercules as well. Another good one for the story and different animation style. Plus the music was good!

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    "thought you were getting an SVT" was on the request list that they had asked for and lost lol.. that being said i plan on getting 1 at the end of the month..

    "is it pre 1955?" its 1952 Tula Arsenal theres a few stampings i still havnt identified tho.. but a guy at work is russian and might be able to read it.. lol

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    2010 was looking to bring a pretty crappy christmas.
    with a lot of sad firsts...
    My parents divorced in april
    I moved out, into a big, cold, lonely house
    Lost my job
    lost my girlfriend

    So, I was preparing for a lonely christmas
    But the holidays intervened:

    Christmas eve brought a great evening with friends and watching "the Hogfather" part 1

    1st day brought a christmas diner with my brother and parents (first diner together since the divorce announced 365 days earlier)

    2nd day brought a great day with friends, a leather jacket (a present to myself, i've wanted one for years)
    and good, emotional talk with my ex-girlfriend, in which she confessed she could only remember 3 good christmasses (she's eighteen, had a pretty crappy life so far, and incredibly hard at work getting everything together) That talk actually brought us a bit closer together...
    Followed by one of the best christmas diners ever, cooked by my brother and me, while the ex-girlfriend mentioned previously set nearby, happily playing a computer game. Followed by a movie and diner for 3. Only interupted to make Tiramisu together. And ending in desert for 4 as my brother's girlfriend came back from work. (she voluntered to work christmas to avoid family diners...)
    The best thing was my ex giving me an extra long hug, a goodnight kiss and thanking me for one of her best christmasses ever, when i brought her home.

    Today brought a great 3rd day of christmas, spent with the same girl, happily talking, progressing into a nice diner and another evening with even more friends, which was mostly spent in the ballroom (big house, lots of extra rooms... buy 24 bouncingballs (the small ones) and see what happens XD)

    What would have been the worst christmas so far turned out to be one of the best thanks to friends and family
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    AWESOME! 'nuff said....and good luck with things going well with the ex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mourner View Post
    2010 was looking to bring a pretty crappy christmas.
    What would have been the worst christmas so far turned out to be one of the best thanks to friends and family
    Quote Originally Posted by JesterzUSMC View Post
    AWESOME! 'nuff said....and good luck with things going well with the ex.
    I echo those sentiments.

    Had a lot of miserable christmas's myself, so the ones that are good, kinda mean more.
    AND Yes this ones' been a good one.
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    2 pair of Mads Christensen socks
    Boss hugo deo
    Chain necklace
    36 dollar (and 31fake, because the bank didn't have the amount) (for a trip to US and A)
    50 euro and a trip to spain In Juli

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    Got a great set of Reaper paints,
    and FRINGE Season One...>On blu ray, no less!

    (of course, I dont' have a blu ray player, so I had to go exchange it...)

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    well all i can say is having a kid sucks, i almost didnt get a thing. the little bugger was drenched in presents though, damn it

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    Clothes (which, believe it or not, I asked for)
    a $50 GW gift card
    An awesome transition painting of myself before and after joining the service
    And one of my friends decided to reduce his miniatures collection while he's planning on moving, so I got a couple boxes of miscellaneous bits, miniatures, supplies and what appears to be the majority of miniatures from a HeroQuest set.

    I felt bad myself because I didn't have a lot to give this year. Living 3 hours from home leaves you just enough space to have no idea what's going on in everyone's life, but still make it awkward to have no idea what to give.
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    I was the same this year,terrys chocolate orange all round! Can't go wrong haha.

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    A trip home. And a pen.

    The wife got her husband back. And a rug.
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    umm i got $50. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shellshock View Post
    Which one? I got the cosmic region freedom and exia, want to get some of the kits and paint them myself, could spend so much money on gundam merch xD
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    i got £20 a tin of quality street and zombie strippers on dvd

    but i bought myself princess malya and mr tomn and candy and cola from soda pop miniatures for myself too

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberakuma View Post
    zombie strippers on dvd
    that one is EPIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    well all i can say is having a kid sucks, i almost didnt get a thing. the little bugger was drenched in presents though, damn it
    Ah you liar! I bet you revelled in the little'un getting his presents! I was fortunate enough that my sister and my nephew came up, 4 months old. Loving it man. Me and Meg painted/drew him a winnie the pooh montage and if felt great knowing he had something from us! Of course we get to hand him back haha! Best part for now!
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    It's all fun and games until you can't hand 'em back 'cuz they're yours!

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