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    This was on FB--kinda funny but kinda not. I don't care what anyone says Santa IS real! At least in my figmentia induced reality he is!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think it would have been so much funnier if the checkbox for "ADDRESSEE DECEASED" had been checked.
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    I call shenanigans on this! It's a faaaaaake!

    Notice the lack of post mark! They'd cancel the stamp.

    Oh, and Santa's real. Otherwise, my kids would have had less gifts and an empty stocking!
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    It's a fake. There's no return address on it so it COULDN'T have been sent back.
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    When WE get mail with no return address that's marked with return to sender, it gets stored in our archives for a period of time and then it gets disposed of. And sometimes there's so much mail going through that you miss a couple of stamps and we never cancel them out. you don't really need to anyway, re-used stamps are quite obvious anyway, just check a stamp that's been wet and one that's new under an UV lamp.

    But that's here, and we've got special shipments to Santa anyway so...

    And yeah, I'd call a fake, no way the post office would custom make a stamp to use on a specific letter two weeks a year, that's not cost efficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizcam View Post
    It's a fake. There's no return address on it so it COULDN'T have been sent back.

    could be on the back. That's where i put my return address.

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    I reckon a fake as well.
    No distortion on the red ink, no fading, no missed imprint, no smudging.
    Oh and yes the envelopes far too clean.

    Stuff I've had returned, always looks like its been through a trash compactor.
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    PWNED! (if it was actually real.... still funny tho)

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