What sort of things do you need help/ideas with? We want to do articles!
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Thread: What sort of things do you need help/ideas with? We want to do articles!

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    Default What sort of things do you need help/ideas with? We want to do articles!

    Well, as we progress through our projects, Hammer and myself find ourselves looking for topics to cover in tutorial/informational/step by step articles.

    We cant cover things like blending because its best done via video which we are not yet capable of. However there are a lot of topics we can go over that can be very helpful!

    Right now Hammer is working on "Repairing broken models" as a piece he finished for a friend was dropped and broken at every joint!

    Articles will be offered free on our site, so this is an opportunity to get topics you want covered, covered!

    We are thorough and like to explain what we do with as much info and instruction as possible

    If you see something on the site currently you'd like an article on let us know:

    I look forward to your ideas and suggestions

    -Repairing Broken Models(finished ones)
    -Simple Shape Freehand
    -Painting Skin(multiple parts)
    -NMM for newbies!
    -Sculpting Basics Tips and Tricks(multple parts)

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    sculpting always goes down well
    how to work out nmm

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    City Terrain. Always been a fascination of mine.
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    Sculpting added, going to start super simple and basic because a lot of this stuff I didnt even think of when I started.

    NMM Im going to try and tackle the common problems that people face

    For terrain, Thats a great idea, it may not be for a little while because thats a large project, but first I wanted to ask---> What kind of city terrain? (era/style etc)

    I will relay this stuff to Hammer and keep an updated list on the website, I will try to get something done myself but I will be busy with the business admin work and finishing off a couple small nagging projects.

    I hope to have some good article stuff up by at least February however.

    Keep the ideas coming, we may be able to use one model for multiple tutorials!

    Thanks again!


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    A beginner to intermediate FAQ would be nice, stuff like:

    I thin my paint and then it runs all over the mini into places I don't want it
    you need to use some paper towel to remove excess paint.

    You know stuff that is just taken for grated by more experienced painters but to someone just stepping up from beginner take many hours to figure out.

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    What about a tutorial about building nice dioramas like here and here always thought it would be so much fun to try and build one
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    Simple Shading and watering/mixing your own colors/inks/washes would go down well for some beginner articles.

    Sculpting and smoothing details, as well as smooth transitioning between greenstuff and the original piece or older sculpt.

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    Excellent ideas, I will definitely consider some of these. I am thinking that I may take a more progressive approach in order to build the skills and knowledge of the individual. Take them from basics up through more advanced stuff and encourage the individual through success and accomplishments.

    I want to try and get this stuff to be as understandable as possible when I begin implementing them, and that means the more comments suggestions and critiques on actual tutorials(in the future) as we can get, the better the will be for you guys in the future.

    It will be an enjoyable extra added to our work to add that extra purpose and reason to do it!

    Keep it comin!


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    Quote Originally Posted by LegionoftheCow View Post
    For terrain, Thats a great idea, it may not be for a little while because thats a large project, but first I wanted to ask---> What kind of city terrain? (era/style etc)
    There's plenty of tutorials for the quick and dirty buildings that look shelled out, but there's not as much on realistic building materials. I've seen one or two on small brickwork, but not so much corugated metal, cinder-block construction (though admittedly HIRST covers this well) dumpsters, sewer grates, etc.

    Basically most of us know or can figure out how to make the shell of a building. What I rarely see is a combined tutorial on the finishing touches that really give a piece some realism. The trinkets that turn a generic bombed out street into a besieged industrial manufacturing district. Or a Large generic building into a Emergency hospital and treatment center of an Imperial Guard city that is under siege by Orks. You know what I mean?

    The individual touches should be the focus, not the overall effect. Let others choose how to combine it all into a comprehensive piece.
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    An in dpeth toturial on shading and highlighting the gives all the details of colors used and how much the paint is diluted with water or glaze medium etc. How many coats used etc. There are many tutorials out there, but many fall short with listing the exact details of the work done.

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    A quick way of paint white Eldar armour/ power armour. bane of my life

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    I'd enjoy seeing some walkthroughs of OSL with some breakdowns of how and why it works. There's only one (albeit splendid) article on it in the sticky thread, leaving room for much more OSL related info.

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    @Idol, ohhh ok so finishing work, well that could be much closer to reality if you can somehow slap a friend of mine into finishing our terrain! I was to be doing a lot of finishing detailing work on simple buildings... Perhaps I can motivate him sooner than later

    @Kathie, While I understand why you would want that, the problem is that it is not what would likely solve any complications you are having.

    For example:

    Say I was to paint with MY blood red pot which is a consistency much thicker than yours(in the pot) and so I dilute it 80/20. You attempt to do the same but your paint ends up being much thinner than mine and thus the consistency is lost.

    If I were to say I used 30 coats, but because of my painting style I achieved a much smoother result than most would with 30 coats, again it can be misleading.

    If I was to say what exact colours I used, your pot of regal blue may not be the same shade of regal blue as mine(due to manufacturing processes) and thus have a much different impact, or if you wanted to know why I am using certain colours but are focusing on the exact shade(name of colour) you may miss the point of it all(happens all the time in tutorials)

    @Gapow, haha you put quick and white in the same sentence, funny! :P Kidding aside, are you using white or black primer? If using white then there's no problems we can hit that up! If black, my solution is well... to not use black primer.

    @Wyrmpops, thats a good one, I may have some good non miniature references to help illustrate the idea and difference as well!

    Alright, back to work, hopefully I can make progress on this new sculpt while I work on finishing up some of the basic squads for sale


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    Painting horses, painting hair and skin types, sculpting cloth, making bases interresting with items you can get for free (besides a stick and a pebble)... these are some of the things I have trouble with.

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    um introductions to realistic weathering techniques sorry can't really think of an eact example off the top of my head but i know there are a lot of products out there promising different things and it'd be cool to see a guide which shows what they do and when it's best to use them

    another thought would be things like marbling effects as i've seen some beautiful freehanded marble but was wanting to see examples of just basic painting (just paint freehand) and with the effects you paint on the area before the paint so again beginners can see the difference step by step and the differing results so it'll help others decide which path is best for their skill level and/or the desired effect they want

    water effects would be another one as again there's a lot of products out there which will give very different results and have can have quite different uses

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