Whats your favorite car you have owned/own.
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Thread: Whats your favorite car you have owned/own.

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    Default Whats your favorite car you have owned/own.

    Mine was my 1996 BMW M3. It was British racing green. Got it when i was 20 (im 25 now). I saved like mad for it and insurance. All my friends were in their wee fiestas and corsa's! Now im all grown up and have a renault Scenic Grand ( 7 seats) Daddy cool.

    First car was a fiat Cincento sporting (known as the roller boot) it had air con as there was a hole in the wheel arch. GOOD TIMES!

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    my current fiesta. better than my first/last fiesta...

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    Saturn SL4. But they went under. Too bad too. They made great cars.
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    2010 3.8L Genesis Coupe. Not a bad first car, the piece of crap that I drove while living with my parents during university years doesn't count I bought my parents Camry for a dollar this fall as well, just so I didn't have to buy rims & winter tires for the car right away. The Camry will be gone in the spring. Income tax rebate money will cover the rims and winter tires for next year

    Oh, and I'm 25 too btw

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    1998 Lotus Elise. Holy hell that was a fun car.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Got a Lexus IS 200 sport at the mo, not a bad car, but my 2.5 bored out Calibre 4x4 turbo was a lot more fun. Especially when you turned off the 4 wheel drive and enabled the green chip.

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    '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Fully Loaded, Power everything, Heated seats.
    Beast of a vehicle. Love it!
    I'm 25 too! +10 lol
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    Gorgeous little 62 Ford Falcon/Futura that looked a lot like this shot. It was my first car. Still think it's the most beautiful car ever.
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    1996 Ford Mustang Cobra. Black Exterior, black leather interior, and two white racing stripes straight down.
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    Ohhh Idofentity you WIN!!! Although Jericho comes close!! I love the Lotus elise but really like the Elan!

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    Matchbox Ford Cortina (Mark III I reckon after a quick Wiki check) in bright orange, it reminded me of the Dukes of Hazard car and went with me everywhere for a handful of years

    Being a city person I never got around to driving. Don't even have a push bike at the moment as I don't want to sacrifice the space in my flat!

    Cheers, B.
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    Currently driving a Land Rover Discovery 3. I upgraded it earlier this year from the previous model and there is no comparison. Superb on road and off road and surprisingly economical to drive. The best 4x4xfar

    First car was a series 3 Land Rover, followed by a VW Beetle... both great cars
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    Hmm, favourite may be an old Renault 21 Savanna which I had for 9 years.
    First car was a 1965 Sunbeam Rapier (OK this is a '63 model and mine was blue)
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    the worst one i owned was a subaru impreza wrx 2001 could not wait to get it was in an even bigger rush to get shut. the best motor i have now, even though its just a fun vehicle is my range rover. big roomy comfortable fast and can pull the knickers off a nun. the wifes 5 series bmw's nice to sale around in too (prefer the range rover though aaah butch mans car), only downside is its got a bit of a drink problem total petroholic.

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    Was the impreza that bad? Iv always liked the look of that year and from what iv been told sticks to the road. Yes im sure its bad on the gogo juice!

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    Having lots of fun in the current car, a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. Speed bumps? What are those?

    Did give myself a heart attack before I got the odometer to 5000. Crossed a river and forgot where the fording was. Nothing quite like watching water come up over the front of a brand new machine.
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    Sounds good PegaZus. If that was me at that id be "Damn im glad i got that snorkel extra!"

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    Chevy pickup with a 396. cam. Tarantula intake, edelbrock headers, 650 quadrajet carb. Low gear rear end. Truck transmission.
    Sheared the bolts between the flywheel and the torque converter.
    baby got about 5 miles to the gallon.
    3 on a good night.

    Nissan Maxima.

    Little 2 door Honda hatchback - not so much for the car, but for the memories that I have made in it.

    @Liz, I have owned or 4 Saturns. Good cars with great service. It is a shame they went under. I've got a Vue now that I'll drive till it dies. No trade-in value. Real glad I didn't get the Outlook - their larger SUV - last year.
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    I never was much of a car guy, just wanted it to run and be decent.

    But, my all time fave was my '90 Nissan Pathfinder....I drove it for 15 years before Mrs supervike finally made me get rid of it....

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    my favorite was my first, a '72 maverick grabber. it ran 198 at the bonneville flats in 1979, and was the 3rd fastest car on hill air force base for several years.
    my daily driver, it got me in plenty (!!) of trouble with the utah state police.
    my current ride is rapidly closing on pushing the maverick out of the way- a 1994 lincoln markVIII.
    it's a big sports car, which is a good thing, as i'm too big to fit in any of those little sports cars.
    (the lotus does sound like a lot of fun...)

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