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    A little painting over the holidays. Not the greatest pic but comments/suggestions appreciated. My first attempt at some conversion work as well. The missing arm will be holding a LOTR-style Nazgul "chain and ball" once I get him on his base.

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    I'll get an update of the base soon and as the project progresses.


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    Hi Sparty, nice job Might just be the photo but he looks to be lacking a bit of depth. Just working a little of something dark into the most deeply shaded areas should help to provide better contrast to the nice highlights you've already got. Perhaps a mix of Scaly Green & Scorched Brown? A touch more intensity to parts of the red with a couple of fine glazes might be nice too. The Nurgling looks good Is that other arm on yet?

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    Default Recent update

    Here is a recent shot. Better pic I think. I am in the finishing stages now. Gotta work on the leather straps on the weapons to make them pop a bit more. They look ok in real life, but soooo flat in the picture. Need to work on the mace more too - looks blah.

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    thats a lovely job love the base, might i suggest a tad more rust on the mace and chain

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    Aye on the rust! Looking good so far, great greens and I do love the colours you achieved on his 'pipes' those looks like diseased seafood, well done!
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    cool guy, as said great green colour! and the base rocks too!

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