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1 West Wind Productions - Major Clive Goddard - Secrets of the Third Reich (Personal)
2 Bolt Action Miniatures - Red Devils (British Paratroops) Snipers (Gaming Standard)
1 Bolt Action Miniatures - Red Devils (British Paratroops) Officer (Gaming Standard)
1 Manufacturer Unknown - 54mm Roboute Guilliman Ultramarines Primarch (Commission)
1 Foundations of War - 28mm Landsknecht Pre-release Paintjob (Commission/Favour)
1 Warlord Miniatures - Mark IV Humber Armoured Car WWII (Gaming Standard) First real tank in 40 Years.
1 Foundry - Goblin (Personal Collection) Bit of fun while waiting for Pro-create to set.
1 WestWind Productions - Ash Secrets of the Third Riech character (Gaming Character standard)
1 Malifaux - Evil Teddy Bear (Personal Collection).
1 Manufacturer Unknown - 54mm Sanguinus Blood Angels Primarch (Commission)
1 Manufacturer Unknown - Evil "Jack in the Box" (Personal Collection) {Only been sitting on the desk for years. 3 hour 'Fun piece'}
2 Freebooter - Sarah & El Curandero (Competition diorama for Salute 2011)
1 Westwind Productions- Fujiwara Japanese Warrior Priest (Competition Piece Salute 2011)
1 Reaper- Lydia Copperthumb (Practise piece)
1 Reaper- Elise the Witch (Desk ornament for Fran)
1 Manufacturer Unknown - 54mm Leman Russ Primarch (Commission)
1 Malifaux - Ophelia Le Croix (Personal Gaming Piece)
1 Microarts Studio - Lady Ellendeanne (Personal Collection)
1 Musketeer Miniatures - WWI officer, early war. (Personal Collection)
1 Manufacturer Unknown 54mm Salamanders Primarch Vulkan (Commission)
1 in stages(?) Forgeworld Eldar Phantom Titan (Commission)..............ONGOING Trying to finish this.
1 Black Scorpion - Lt Gonville Bromhead (Personal Collection)
14 Bolt Action Miniatures - British Paratroopers (Gaming Standard)
1 Hasslfree - Pirate (Tom Mier sculpt) (Competition Piece Euro-Militaire)
1 GW Lotr -Umbar Corsair {Peter Jackson version} (Reworked as Competition Piece Euro-Militaire)
1 Model Design Construction - Dragon Head Bust (Competition Piece Euro-Militaire)
1 Malifaux - Francois Le Croix (Personal Gaming Piece)
1 Anima Tactics Figure - Chelsea (Personal Collection) 90% done, needs base sorting.
1 Foundry Female Celt (Valkyrie?) (Practise Piece)
18 Forest Themed bases for MDProductions (Sculpted by freakinancage, producted by War Griffon)
1 Forest Themed Base for MDProuctions that I missed. "Moron!"
1 Reaper Miniatures Santa Claus (Christmas Gift for a friend)