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    Today (Jan 3) was Mr Tolkien birthday, and a worldwide toast is scheduled for 9pm local time.

    Here's to you, Professor!

    Thank you for helping me make it through my formative years by allowing me to escape into middle earth.

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    Which local time? What time zone is that in? I need to know if I can snag a pint.
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    Happy Birthday JRR
    We done done it now. We're finally hitched. We are now the dreaded two headed Roger - Liz - Bunting monster you have all feared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdofEntity View Post
    Which local time? What time zone is that in? I need to know if I can snag a pint.
    I think it just means your own local time.

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    yep, your own local time, after all, it is his birthday for 24 hours, plenty enough for everyone to manage the toast at 21:00
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    "The Professor"

    Cheers! Without him I would not have met the love of my life. I met her at a Tolkien-Club at school.

    Thank you for that and of course your wonderfull works. You are still the master of Fantasy! hantalyë!
    When I was your age, Yuggoth was a planet.

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