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    Hello all!
    Happy New Year!
    I want to show for you my figure " Lady Mechanika " 120мм (1/16).
    I hope to you it is pleasant.
    Yours faithfully, Sergey.
    Name:  Lady Mechanika 120мм.jpg
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Size:  61.9 KBName:  Lady Mechanika 02.jpg
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    Very nice work! but it kinda looks like she has a camel toe is this intensional??
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    Love the mini. The 'cameltoe' looks like it's actually a seam in the clothing, but...Certainly won't stop me from picking one up.

    When and where will it be for sale?

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    That is a pretty mini, cameltoe or not...
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    Awesome! When, where and how much?
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    Beautiful Sculpt! I too, would like to know where these can be purchased. It would be a joy to paint such a nice mini. 120mm .. wow!

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    Finally! A Scale even I CAN paint!!

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    If you guys are wondering: Unless he has permission to sell her he cant


    That being said, if he does, it looks like a great piece! Not many women figures that actually wear clothing out there, its a shame but this would be a nice addition

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