Hi, I'm looking for RAVAGE Hors-Serie No 7 and No 11. I would ask about electronic copies, but I would rather have the physical book infront of me for these if at all possible. I'm looking for various spaceship miniatures. I would love to buy your stuff if you are not into it anymore, or are unlikely to pull out the minis and paint them. Ninjamagic ships (just saw them and they look great). Full Thrust Battlefleet Gothic ships (and BFG magazine issues) Space Fleet ships Starfleet Wars FirestormArmada others too Also Man O War ships Also Game Tech Space 1889 ships ADD 001 magic user 3 stage PC also Citadel Rust Monster I have Old 40K and RT 40K stuff (unpainted beakies, beakies still on the sprues, RT Orks, Beakie marines, eldar harlequins, metal RT era marines, jump packs, orks; 2nd ed 40K box set unpunched, WFB set (1st edition released as a boxed game, has elves and other race) assembled but unpainted. Books from RT and 2nd ed era. D&D chainmail minis still in boxes in shrink. Various old RPG stuff. hundreds of board games (same username on boardgamegeek) $ if no trade works out but you want to sell and we can work out a good deal for both of us. Thanks for reading my ad.