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    right i actually have nothing to add to this so if you read it please add something, be it a photo, step by step guide or even copy and paste your own thread! just please add something to this guide. i only want painting guides and conversions though! and plz only submit tau!that shood say this thread is pointless without your help!!!!

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    i found some conversions over google. can anyone give me any guides or ideas on how they're done?

    Name:  tau thred 3.jpg
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    I can help some with how they are done. The first is a kitbash with beastmen, the second swaps the wings and the engines to give a different outline, the third is simply a badass paintjob and I think I've seen it on this forum before, the fourth is a chassis that someone slapped wheels and plasticard on, the fifth is actually only slightly converted and is based on the "alien walker" from Chapterhouse Studios, the sixth is my favorite of the bunch and is a kitbash of a tau and a space marine with a heavy bolter. The paint job is beautiful, too. I dunno about that last one. That's just weird. Why would someone make that?
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    the last one is a bunch of phirranas/devilfish stuck together witha a valk cockpit!

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    I can see that now, FB; the real question is *why*??? It's like that "Human Centipede" movie. It just makes no sense...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophecy07 View Post
    I can see that now, FB; the real question is *why*??? It's like that "Human Centipede" movie. It just makes no sense...
    Oh don't be like that. How ELSE would you have made a human centipede? Besides, it's more like those crazy redneck auto conversions, like where they weld three pickup trucks together to make a super-super-long pickup truck.

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    The third is actually a bash between a Tau Fire Warrior and a Tau Stealth Suit, with what Prophecy07 correctly called a badass paintjob.

    The head is from Tau Firewarrior and the chestplate looks like it's the Tau Firewarriors Shield. The arms and burst cannon come from the Tau Stealth Suit, as well as the legs. The antenna is repositioned to the back, probably attached to the field pack the Firewarriors usually have. (can't really tell though without a backshot)

    The curious bit to me is what the chestplate is attached to. I'm betting it's the original torso from the Fire Warrior, but I'd have to try assembling one to see if it works.
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