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    I have great pleasure in announcing the Final Short lists for the Wamp Awards 2010. Each category has been whittled down to 10 nominees from which the winners will be chosen.
    We have the following categories:
    Best Miniature
    Best Painted Miniature
    Best Base
    Best Company
    Best New Company
    Best New Range
    Best Product
    Best Event

    Voting has commenced to decide the winners in each category. Voting will remain open until February 13th.

    To view the full list of nominations or to vote please visit: www.wamp-forum.com/awards



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    voted but refuse to vote on the base section. don't like that there are commercial and hand made bases in the same category, my mind cannot put them together

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    Just 4 days left to vote folks

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    Voting ends tomorrow (6pm GMT)

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