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    Second of four.

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    Quick and small update;

    The commissioner didn't like the base. The idea was fine, but he pointed out that the stone's inclination affects the posture of the figure. Although there was an intention behind this, I made the legs to be standing on an horizontal plane. I should have foreseen the stone when modelling the legs, then make the feet (or hooves?) to be at different heights.
    Lesson learned, i felt a little silly for not seeing that (mostly because I agreed with his observation). Fortunately my client has an eye for this kind of things.

    So, the base looks like this now:

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    A friend's birthday is coming up this Saturday! She really likes Alice in Wonderland, not any particular movie or version, but the original story. Received yesterday an invitation card with a drawing of the white rabbit. So I thought this would be a nice gift:

    Speed modelling it is. I began with it this morning, and should have it done by saturday's afternoon. Fortunately I found myself inspired today.

    I'm late!

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    That rabbit is just awesome!
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    That rabbit looks like it'll end up being a shame if you don't cast it up. Well done so far.

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    @Quieti: I thought so, but won't make it on time for tomorrow if I make a mold out of it. Considering who is this character... oh, the irony.

    I've finished the arms, and the clock. Just primed the sculpture in white:

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    Absolutely amazing!

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    Thats fantastic. I love the Alice in Wonderland story too.

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    Ditto, as you might guess from my Avatar! Lucky friend of yours, hope she has a great day!
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    Super good! Just too late to sit alongside milosh's Alice! Awesome
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    Time has no friends.

    Turned out great though.

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    The rabbit was finished in record time, and my friend loved it. Even better, I took the time to get some pictures of the painting process, wich is something I´ve never done before.
    The most interesting thing here, I think, is the white colour. I took the recipe from an article by Cyril Abati, wich I readed some time ago. Many of you probably knew it already or are familiar with it, but back then it blew my mind, and revolutioned my way of painting and understand certain things about colour.
    This is by no means an attempt to reproduce that tutorial, but what's in this pictures is strongly influenced from that source.

    So, after prime it white, I applied some grey shadows:

    Then glazed a toasted-yellow over it, as a warm light filter.

    Some midtones are painted with white + grey (50/50), and highlights with almost pure white (90/10). I also added a pink filter to the snout and inner ears.

    Back to the shadows, more depth with the same initial grey, and a mixture of grey + brown 50/50 for the deepest areas.

    The white was almost done. I had to repeat the glazing process to enhance both shadows and highlights. Blending is not my best, I kept working on it as I moved on with the rest of the figure, and at some point i found it reasonably nice enough for the time I had.
    I used a Garnet Red Wine for the coat, and mixed it with white to paint the lining.

    Applied some shadows with Wine + Night blue. Also based the waistcoat with a bright red, mixed with a little blue to glaze the shadows.

    At this point I thought the waistcoat needed some extra details, so I painted a rhombus grid, with the poker cards icons in it.

    Some gold for the buttons and the pocket watch, almost done.

    Finally, I made it a modest basing, and applied some bright varnish to its eyes.

    My friend was amazed, she didn't expected it and I'm glad I got to finish it on time.

    In case you want to rate it, here's the voting link to my gallery.

    Next, back to the demonic war universe. Thanks for reading!

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    very personal gift - awesome sculpt, lovely paint job. Excellent work dear man.

    Love the waistcoat!!!
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    Smashing success on that rabbit. The final painted version really takes me back to seeing the original animated movie when I was a little guy. I really enjoyed it (the memories and the movie itself, so thanks for that).

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    super work, a great gift. Well done sir.
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    Agree with all the comments...wonderful sculpting and paint job. Also, thanks for the step by step...I'm still struggling with painting white and your work gives some ideas to ponder.

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    Hah! That rabbit is superb!
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    Quick update today...

    Painted the Tzeentch Demon, 3rd out of four:

    Not much to add, the client wanted the classic colourscheme as shown in FW.

    In the other hand, found some time to move on Mephiston's painting

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    You're really cranking out some great stuff! That's one lucky friend that received the rabbit figure. Paint jobs on everything look amazing. I think I shall have to go read the article you mentioned myself.

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    So, after a few days of intensive painting, the fourth and last one of the Four greater Demons is finished!

    Here it is, the Keeper of Secrets:

    I've painted it in a way I'm not used to: Glazes over a white basecoat and real metallics. My "safety area" was always black primer and NMM, so I can't help to be a little proud about how this one turned out.

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