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    nice! really nice work that things way small!!

    “We do not want to be part of the fashionable crowd. We prefer to be on the edge.”
    Takasi Uno

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    Haha, I lol'd at the little butt crack. Excellent little mini-mini.

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    Hi folks,

    today I received an e-mail from GW Legal Department. It appears that my work has been "reported", so I have to remove from this site any images depicting the Greater Daemons conversions and sculptures.

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    WTH. Do they not have a marketing department that would understand that your good work is free publicity for their product universe? Idiots.

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    That's amazing tiny work you got there!! What tools do you use?

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    Thanks Alex! So glad you like it.

    I have a set of steel modeling tools, but use only two of them: the spherical tip and other that looks like a rounded spear (?) Sorry, pics soon.

    Also needles and a brush with oil to smooth surfaces.

    Next, a conversion made for a friend a few months ago: He was looking for a Terminator Chaplain to his Black Templars Army. A small conversion, but very specific.

    He wanted its feet to be resculpted, gun and left shoulderpad swapped, a cloak added and the Crozius modified. I had to cut it, remove the purity seals, drill the three pieces and thread them on an aluminium wire to reposition the weapon.

    Then just resculpted the missing sections. The cape was made out of aluminium sheet, but my friend wanted something with more folds, so I had to build another one with putty, also using aluminium as a base but in a different shape.
    I finally replaced its beltbuckle by a chapter icon, and voila!

    Last today, the olympic spirit got me, so I made a conversion for Blood Bowl:

    It is based on the character from the Deathzone cover illustration.

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    Some top conversion work, real tidy and well thought out.
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    Loving this thread. The little head reminds me of Maggie Thatchers, spitting image puppet! Excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atgill View Post
    Thanks Alex! So glad you like it.

    I have a set of steel modeling tools, but use only two of them: the spherical tip and other that looks like a rounded spear (?) Sorry, pics soon.

    Also needles and a brush with oil to smooth surfaces.

    So that's how you get a smooth surface from green stuff!!! The few times I tried to work with it, it always looked that someone had spitted a chewing-gum Have to try your way. Thanks!

    And by the way, great conversions

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    awesome! feel i really need to improve my gs skills. that chaplain, thats one of the few marines i really dig, went from cool to über. but then i am a shoe fetischist

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    nice work. I liked the original cape with less folds better.
    Still some nice work atgill

    “We do not want to be part of the fashionable crowd. We prefer to be on the edge.”
    Takasi Uno

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    Last week I managed to finish a project started a long time ago. Not because it was difficult, but due to my tendency to starting many things at the same time and finishing few, it went through long periods of inactivity.

    So, you may remember this:

    It's a conversion posted exactly one year ago, based on an artwork illustration, and on the fact I never really liked the official "on foot" version of this character.
    So, I swapped the weapons, removed the cape and used Mephiston's lower body.

    For the base, I wanted to try something scenic yet simple, so decided to build a scene resembling the dungeons of a castle.

    To do this, I first got a block of wood, wich would serve as a plinth. One of its edges broke due to the wood grain. But I found it more interesting, and left it like that. In fact, ended up being the front of the scene.
    Using some modellism bricks, I built the floor over the wooden block, the stairs and the detachable base:

    Then assembled the stairs, built a little hasp out of wire and plasticard, and primed it black. Before priming, I used masking tape to cover the wood from spray paint.
    The figure was also primed black, but in this case I sprayed some white from above, for a zenithal light effect.

    Finally, I went for a simple colourscheme, using just a few colours. Thought it would be a good opportunity to practice some NMM, since the weapons have some large, plain surfaces.

    Here's the gallery Link, in case you fancy voting.

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    I don't want to imagine what it was like to cut up all that metal, but that is an awesome conversion!

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    You are a conversion genious.

    Now go build me some night lords chaos termintors.....

    ...... Re you done yet?
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Very nice. I also like the way you seamlesly blend the gaming base into the bigger base.

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    Thank you guys.

    @Marjedi: I actually do have some Night Lords conversions among my pile of unfinished things. They're just waiting for their turn.

    Today I would like to show you something a little unusual I'm working on:

    Here's their story: They're characters from a PC game, where several friends of mine are working.

    I must say, modelling from this kind of illustrations is quite challenging. Also, I tried to make them very quickly, because I wanted them to be finished as a gift for a particular date.

    So, I wasn't happy with the result, and they weren't ready in time. I guess I underestimated the complexity of this project.

    Will surely rebuild some areas next.

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    Love the fella with the crossed arms and massive chin! Great smooth sculpt. On the painting front, I know that you rate your sculpting more highly but the guy above is really nicely done and the NMM on the blade is superb.

    Fab job!
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    I would also say that the NMM on the blade is really effective and eye catching, the base is interesting to and all the colours you used to paint the model work really well together to create a solid piece. Those little sculpts are really awesome to!! Look forward to seeing your next batch of work....hurry along now!


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