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    Very cool sculpts. Keep after it.

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    Thank you guys!

    I recognize the painting front is not my best, and have been struggling to improve it lately. So that means a lot coming from you.

    Currently, in that front, I'm putting my attention on real metallics. The best tutorial I've found about it belongs to Sebastian Archer (Automaton).
    Both his technique and how he explains it are flawless.
    This time, I decided to give a try to one of the oldest miniatures I have: he's Pulper Spiker, a chaos dwarf released in 1986.

    Its weapon was broken and lost, so I replaced it with a different one.

    Since I'm also trying to improve my basing, thought of a scenic plinth. Something simple but atmospherical. Made some twisted trees using real roots and greenstuff for roots.

    Finally, thought that if that dwarf goes running around with those trophies on, living in a cold climate would help him with the conservation and odors.

    Here's the gallery Link, in case you fancy voting.

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    nice job, what wood is the plinth?
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    @mick: It's pine. In the first picture looks natural, then applied some dark oak wood tinter.

    Small & quick update: I'm working in a project that includes some portraits

    The third one would be me

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    Gahaha, brilliant!
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    Yeah!! Those are great sculpts!! Congrats!

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    Love em!
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    Cheers, mates.

    Those sculpts are part of a larger diorama, I made for a contest. I have been working hard on it last few weeks, you can see some pictures of the finished work here.

    Meanwhile, I'm making a step by step article, wich will be published once I get to order the photos and write the process.

    Thanks for watching!

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    I've been at your site and just WOW. It's probably one of the best modelling works I've seen of late. Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks Alex! Just submitted some pictures to my gallery, and I'm about to upload a step by step processsome pictures to this site.

    It got between the 25 semifinalists, wich I'm very happy about.

    Meanwhile, I've been working on several different projects:

    My latest IP incident got me thinking about the direction my work.

    As a result of these reflections, I started working on some figures of my own such as a boarman,

    A brute,

    And a Knight.

    These are just basic anatomies, versatile mockups on wich I progressively will be adding details to get to defined characters.

    I want to point out that the knight is the result of a two hours test session of Super Sculpey Firm. A few weeks ago I received a brick I've ordered, never used it before and decided to give it a try yesterday. Haven't baked it yet to complete the process, but it's definitely a wonderful sculpting medium.

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    Absolutely love the boarman. I wouldn't mind setting up a unit of these guys.

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    Really god work, specially when considering the scale involved... I'll keep a eye open for these ones!

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    You, Sir, have some mad skills. As a person slowly learning to sculpt, i have found this educational and inspiring. Looking forward to more.

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    Thank you guys, I really appreciate your comments on these ones.

    Some progress on the knight:

    Added some surface details, and baked the piece.

    At the same time, I've been working on a faun-like demon:

    And could not help this...

    A demon knight? Who knows!
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    I'm starting another 40K conversion: a close combat special unit for a Tau army.

    Tau are well known for having mercenaries of several races among their troops...

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    Great stuff!
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    It's just me or you're having a blast with these ones?? I'm curious to see those heads mounted. what about the other minis you were doing?

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    @Alex: I am! But nobody seemed to recognize them. Maybe there aren't many Akira Toriyama fans around here...

    And about the other minis... I'm usually working on many things at once, and get to finish something every once in a while.

    I've learned to accept it and live with a myriad of half done things. But when I'm in the mood to finish some, there's always plenty to choose.

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    Well, you just keep us posted.

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