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    Default CANON PowerShot A630 review.

    First impression out of the box:

    This is not a pocket camera, which is good because that's not what I wanted. I wanted an updated version of my old Olympus, and I was willing to trade size for a better lens and a larger CCD. This camera is smaller and lighter than my old camera. It fits a little less nicely in my hands, but should travel better. It's smaller than my hand, and I'm an adult male of average height.

    I do have some concerns about the construction of Powershot A630. The door on the right side that covers the jacks for a wall plug, video connection, and data connect is a soft rubbery piece of plastic that pulls out from the camera and must be bent backwards on two flexible strips. It seems like something that would snap off under heavy or careless use. The memory card included with the camera is a useless slow little 16MB thing, and you should add the cost of a 1gb card to the cost of the camera. This is not a unique problem with the Canons, and doesn't count against them. It just counts against ALL digital cameras!

    There are two major annoyances that I have with this camera. One is that the memory card is in the same compartment as the batteries. If you want to remove the memory card you have to remove the batteries. Second, and directly related to this, is that the TWAIN drivers for direct hookup to my computer didn't work flawlessly out of the box. To be expected since I stubbornly hang on to Windows 2000 Pro, and something I'm more willing to lay at Microsoft's feet. Curse their black hearts!

    I was able to get the pics out of the camer with the purchase of a SanDisk pocket USB portable memory reader. For $12 it's a worthwhile investment anyway, since it lets you get the pics from your camera onto computers that you haven't installed the camera software on. So if you're visiting family and people want the pics from your camera it's easy enough to do.

    My old camera (an Olympus Camedia 4000) was just a bit too large, awkward, and slow for doing double duty for taking pictures of my kids. The Canon turns on in a heartbeat, and it has such a rapid picture taking ability you'd have to spend thousands more for an SLR and its various lenses to do better. The display screen is to die for, and the ability to pull the display out and angle it turned out to be nicer than I expected.

    The menu system is agreeably simple, though I wasn't able to adjust the f-stops without consulting the manual. There is a dial on the top with some simple presets, but macrophotography was not one of them. There is a macro mode and a manual mode, and both were easy enough to find. A little more poking around and I was able to get it down to ISO 80, and at that level the tripod is almost unneeded!

    There seems to be an intimidating amount of manuals, but a lot of it is just coverage of additional languages. The basic users manual is almost small and slender enough to slip into a wallet. The advanced users guide and software manuals are little more chunky, but still pretty small. I was able to quickly figure out how to get the camera into the manual setting and adjust the f-stop and shutter speed.

    Photo quality is jaw dropping! I can take a quick off the cuff shot of my kids in a dark living room with a TV going in the background and get decent pics. I'm still monkeying about a bit with the manual focus and autofocus features, but I've gotten some good pics of my minis too. This is as inexpensive as 8MP cameras get, but it still can't turn badly painted minis into well painted minis... :/

    This camera definately gets my recommendation for anyone needing a generic camera for both family use and as a miniatures photography camera. If you were to just use it for miniatures photography it'd probably be overkill, and you could probably hunt up a camera that was slower, bigger, and heavier, and with six or seven megapixels for a good one hundred dollars less.


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    You have helped me choose my next camera. Thank you!

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    The Canon Powershot series seem like a reliable line. I've owned two, at quite different price points, and for what they were I had no complaints. I used both extensively for mini photography too.

    An added bonus is the use of AA batteries, so if you take the thing on a trip you will never be caught without power.

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