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    I missed out on the pre-order miniature while debating whether or not to place the order for it with my bro. And while I can still get the book, it seems the only way to get the mini is to try the after market.

    Figured I'd give it a go here and hope for the best, so if anyone here's got one they don't mind shipping out, please drop me a line at maqywhaq@hotmail.com eh? Lemme know how much you'd like for it, etc. Payments made via paypal.

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    I do not have one for you, unfortunately. She's really a great sculpt; I was incredibly surprised when I got her to find that she not multi-part. I don't know much about casting, but what little I know about undercuts and molds tells me that she is a pretty impressive piece of work.

    I'll have to post up some pictures when she hits my table in a month or so. Good luck, Grimmo!
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