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    This chap's been in my to-paint for more years than I can remember. He's survived sales, moves, and numerous Stalin-esque purges, even losing a fellow slayer on the way. He'd even been picked to go into a job lot, but got pulled out of the fire just before I took the picture to send to the buyer!

    So I finally decided that his time had come. He's got a long way to go, and I welcome all feedback, criticism, and advice!!

    One thing in particular that I'd like some advice on is his face: I love how some artists don't make their mini's skin the same all over, but create an effective play of several colors and tones. The best I've been able to do on other minis so far is to give them a light wash with scab red to give them a nice barely-detectable pinkish tinge that adds some life to their skin, but I'd like to do something a bit more dramatic. But again, any advice on ANY aspect is more than welcome.

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    Hi Gearhead, of late I've been using Regal Blue & Scaly Green as flesh glazes (or mixed with the flesh basecoat colour), with a Deep Red ink glaze (like your Scab Red) if I've made it look too undead/alien! If you highlight up to Elf Flesh / Bleached Bone it gives you a higher level to glaze back from so that he doesn't end up too dark. I've also managed to work the colours into the hair before to give it some range but find that quite a scary step, easily remedied with lashings of Badab Black if it goes wrong

    Cheers, B.
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