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    All greetings!
    For a long time I look at small figures 40мм - very much like.
    I want to make pass a series of figures of 40 mm on a theme " Old West " the new project for "AuthorSculpt" - Indians, a cavalry the USA, trappers....
    It is the first finished figure " Mounted Trapper ".
    The size - 40мм
    Material - Epoxilin DUO

    Yours faithfully, Sergey.
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    Very nice indeed, love the creative basing, really tells the story immediately.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    great work, love the base, the sense of weight in the character's movement. bravo!

    ps the scale shot is a good idea, shows how much scale creep gw stuff has

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    Chern Ann - freakinacage - I thank!
    I like the size of 40 mm - this size has an opportunity to unit a "game" miniature and "collection" - average between 28 mm and 54 mm.
    My size maximum exact for 40 mm.
    It is my table for work and comparison:
    I hope the following figure to you also it is pleasant!?
    Yours faithfully, I do not say goodbye, Sergey.

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    Your attention to detail on the horses is excellent. We are working closely with Ares Mythologic and hope to add the historical figures to our range as well.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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