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    Question Halo-inspired helmet visor: colors + blending question

    Hi all,

    I'm currently painting an FW Elysean force in a urban camo scheme (light tan, light grey, light grey green, brown), this is a very WiP shot (the lasgun and armor cabling have been painted with Charadon Granite since).

    To contrast the figure, I was thinking of painting the visor of the helmet in a Halo-inspired orange scheme:
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    Mathieu Fontaine's award-winning Tauros Venator is a wonderful example of the visor color I'm looking for, although I'm far from able to replicate such a subtle effect for the time being:Do

    Do you think it will work, or should I keep a traditional blue visor? What colors (including the brand) would you recommend to get a similar effect?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Looking at the big lens on the tank may help.
    I see burnt oranges, yellow washes, white highlights, maybe a red orange wash on the other side.

    Wet blending might be best, but washes can be made to work.

    PM the artist and ask him. Most are not too snobbish around here.
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    I think the gold would work very well.

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    Thanks guys, I think I'll go gold and practice with oil colors for some fun ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    I think the gold would work very well.
    Agreed. And it's not even that hard:

    I did that, and I'm not really that good a painter, so you could totally do it too

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    I went for a Raw Sienna base and Burnt Umber shading, here's what it looks like:

    This is the second time I'm experimeting with blending, so the results don't look that good, they will hopefully improve. I've read the numerous articles on CMON about this technique, but I'm not sure I'm doing the blending motion right. So far, I'm mixing the paints back and forth at a 90° angle compared to how the layer was applied (i.e., the layer being applied horizontally on the visor, vertical motions). Is it a correct way to proceed?

    The mini has been basecoated so far, I'll start doing the highlights and shadows on the squad after the visors are all done (6 remaining).

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    i dont think the motion is as important as the consistency of the paint. for smooth blends (well, as smooth as i get) i tend to pool very dilute paint, then "pull" it along the gradient, then smooth it in a cross hatch or circular motion. rinse and repeat lots of times, sometimes alternating between the extreme colors or even adding mid-tones if necessary (eg large surfaces). this type of blending is called "feathering" the more difficult alternative is the "wet blend." either way the key is thin paints. in this case id suggest a very small amount of a lighter color than sienna (a yellow/ yellow-white) along the bottom edge to make it seem more luminescent scifi like. in fact, in this case you might want to go the full "complex gem" route to achieve the effects of both transparency and gloss. there are some good articles on the subject here.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll keep practicing! I've done the remaining of the squad, it felt a little less awkward. Looking at the minis, I'll indeed have a add a touch a white at the bottom to make it more luminescent and enhance the contrats with the skin. I'll post updated pictures once it is done to get your comments.

    I should have mentioned I used oil paints instead of acrylic paint as I read it was easier to blend oils (not to mention that if you don't like the result, you can just wipe it out and try again!).

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