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    As usual Sigur I like where your heading with these.
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    Great work, makes me wish I could paint armies without dying from old age.

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    @Empchild: Thanks for your comment and compliments.

    @GreenOne: Cheers.

    Update! Despite your votes (Outriders would have won), I'm afraid I'll do the Swordsmen first. I don't do this to spite you but for practical reasons. Thing is, there are going to be a total of 10 Outriders now and I chose to do those together rather than splitting them up. I only got the five you saw earlier (assembled and primed) and the other five I'll get in the mail this week if everything goes according to plan.

    So for now, it's swordmen. Trying to get State Troops out of the way:

    The first ten (plus one Greatsword) are almost finished, the other 10 just got some base colours and the yellow and black parts finished. Hope you like them. C&Cwelcome as always!

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    After a little doodling around (or was it oodling?) I actually liked the very first draft for the first freehand banner and went for it. Here's how far I got for now:

    This isn't too impressive as posting the finished thing of course but I thought you may like it and I didn't get much else painted today because I was on the road, visiting a modelling store sale, getting the finished Discworld minis to the customer and picking up new commission stuff (Detritus, Dibbler, the Maelstrom Games Chimera and a platoon of Death Korps of Krieg).

    But first - Empire of course.

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    Alright, that's the current state of affairs:

    This is pretty much the final version. A few more touch-ups and it should be finished.

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    Once more, an update:

    I redid the faces a little, painted some teeth and eyes (to an extent. More recent plastic sculpts of human heads have very, very small eyes and overly exposed lower eyelids that make painting eyes a little superfluous, at least on these State Troops.) and added shields of course. The shield emblems aren't quite finished as you can see in the picture.

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    Really nice, consistent work Sigur. That yellow is excellent

    Cheers, B.
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    These are looking really good. Ditto what BPI said; the yellows are excellent. I also really like the freehand on the flag. I'm using the same bit as a conversion for a standard bearer in my IG army and your designs have really inspired me. Thanks.

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    @BPI: Thanks muchly!

    @GTherk: Cheers. Glad I could help.

    Little update on what happened today (apart from a bit more on the Swordsmen).

    Outriders horses WIP

    Knights horses WIP

    10 more Greatwords WIP

    I'm really trying to do as much as possible because these days i'm mostly motivated by panic because this monstrosity is leering at me day and night and I know that some time soon I won't be able to resist any more and get it out of its box. And once that happens, the Empire stuff is starting to get delayed...

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    Alright, the new Greatswords are finished now, including the banner.

    Some of you might notice that some of these Greatswords have darker skin colour than the rest and that there is some exotic symbology on the banner. Fluffwise, the army just returned from a crusade against Araby and some of the regiments featured in this army have a history of having been to Araby. That's why some amongst the troops of the Greatswords regiment are from araby and the regiment incorporated some bits of arabian culture into their traditions so I thought it would be a nice touch to have some darker skinned dudes in there. Reason is this: The state troops in this army obviously weren't in Arabia but the Greatswords, being more of an elite unit and being much more professional soldiers with more esprit de corps and all that were there too. And the Knights of course (Order of the Blazing Sun); Magritta was in endangered by an arabian army once more or something so the Order went there and the Greatswords went with them. Something like that. I hope I don't upset the owner of this army too much by messing his fluff up but you guys know how much I like writing endless drivel when it's late. :-P ). Anyhoo, while the knights enjoy staying pretty much by themselves, the Greatswords had more contact with the locals (be it in good or bad ways) so I thought they were the ones much more prone to acculturate to an extent.

    I really like these minis (I know I said that already but I can't stress it enough). Perfectly easy to rank up, no unnecessary details and overall good design. Very good options and good sculpts, especially on the heads. They really make up for the State Troops who are not quite on par with those.

    Apart from that, I finished the Outriders horses and did the horses of the knights (sans the barding for now). Next thing on my list would be the Outriders themselves. Problem is, I still have to convert the second champion and have to wait for a bit until I can build him. So I'm doing the Outriders in two steps of five each.

    See you soon!

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    Alright, I didn't get all that much done the past two days but I put together another unit of handgunners and more or less finished the first unit of Outriders:

    I think I'll do an army shot after the Outriders are really finished and then go assembling the Chimera.

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    Great work. Looking forward to seeing that Chimera painted as well.
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    Damn you are painting your Averlanders like 10x as fast as I am Granted, I've always been a slow painter and I'm working on a Dwarf army too Keep up the good work.

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    open the chimera!!!!! i have one and its awesome, unfortunately i'm having difficulty with time management in getting it done with work life dictating most of my spare time

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    @Noddwyr: Thanks, I opened another thread about the Chimera.

    @Jericho: Cheers.

    @badgermeister: Thanks. The Chimera is an awesome kit indeed. It's stunningly well done any pretty daunting.

    So here's the first update in over two weeks. I really only have to blame myself for that, a massive amount of mismanagement of time and work and a general behavior of burying my head in the sand when facing throwbacks/stress/a large workload. I'm also having to worry about some deadlines these days and just having too many projects on the desk at once. Well, you live, you learn.

    Here's some WIP Knights of the Blazing Sun:

    Here's a slightly converted Outriders champion with Hochland Longrifle. I'm really glad I waited for the Steam Tank kit to arrive instead of using the Hochland Longrifle from the Handgunners box):

    One of the last pictures of the Genestealers. I still had to finishe their bases (hadn't done any SM armour parts on them) before I could ship them, hence a little delay.

    Here's a first WIP shot of another side project - a squad of Harlequins. The colours are the choice of the client.

    Apart from all that, the DKOK guys got their company markings (fiddliest decals since I stopped doing scale modelling) and got sealed.

    As mentioned above, I'm currently in talks about a Malifaux project again (Ortega clan). In the unlikely case that this doesn't work out, I will do a Malifaux mini on my own.

    Hope you like everything so far; see you soon!

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    Little update on the Empire:

    Them's the new guys, a.k.a. "Second batch":
    .) Head Engineer on foot
    .) Sigmarite Priest
    .) 10 Archers
    .) 10 Swordsmen
    .) 10 Handgunners
    .) 5 Outriders
    .) Steamtank
    .) Mortar

    In the background you can see my snazzy new painting rack. Got the biggest they had and still had to keep my old rack for "backup paints".

    That's it for now, seeya!

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    Little update - Outriders finished:

    I also did as much as I could on the black and yellow uniforms on the rest of the dudes- I try to get as much done as possible on the whole bunch but once I notice that I'm getting annoyed with doing the same thing over and over, I continue painting one single unit (if that makes sense). That way, the overall workload should be reduced with time.

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