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    Hey everyone! This is my first WiP here and am looking for some help with this Empire Captain I've been working on. I know that metals are my weakest link right now, but I'm looking for some overall constructive criticism.
    Thanks for looking!
    Name:  Empire Captain 4.jpg
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    I also realize that the photo quality leaves something to be desired. If anyone has any tips for making a cost effective photo booth, please post or PM me. Thanks again!

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    Ok, so I took some better lighted photos. Hopefully these are easier to see.
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    Name:  Empire Captain 7.jpg
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    Welcome HoboClown Those new photos are a lot better He's looking good so far.

    True metals are a bit tricky aren't they? My current method is to work with the Tin Bitz, Boltgun, Chainmail & Mithril for full shade through highlight & only then start to apply the washes. Badab Black 50:50 with water as a default all over cover. Then work some more into the shadiest areas & fill in any blackline definition, then depending on the effect desired, light, more heavily thinned, glazes of any other colours (still GW Washes). So on this guy, with his well maintained, clean armour, a touch of blue (not all over, just where I want it). Then if I've been too heavy, re-highlight with a touch of Chainmail or tiny finelines of Mithril. Probably hit that again with a glaze of Badab.

    Depending on the effect you want a tint glaze of dark green or dark blue in the shading of his face will help to bring his expression out, particularly around the eyes.

    Keep us updated!

    Cheers, B.
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    Finally found this thread. The mini is looking good so far. I can't give any better advice than what BPI suggests. Looking forward to updates!

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