WTB: Pegaso, Romeo and commission painting
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Thread: WTB: Pegaso, Romeo and commission painting

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    Default WTB: Pegaso, Romeo and commission painting

    Hi all. I'm looking to buy any pegaso or romeo models to paint up for my website http://flagshipfigures.webs.com.

    I don't have any model in particular in mind, so if you have anything you are interested in selling from Pegaso or Romeo then let me know. Also interested in forgeworld Tauros vehicle (venator and other one) and the elysian hardened veterans.

    I have stuff to trade if interested:

    Orks (40k)
    Ogre Kingdoms
    Dwarves (LotR)

    Of course I also have money.


    Theo at Flagship Figures

    http://flagshipfigures.webs.com offers commission painting for squads, tanks, historical pieces and heroes and also some hobby related stuff like a blog and articles (I just posted my Vindicator article on CMON).
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    http://flagshipfigures.webs.com/ for commission painting

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