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    Default Good minis to paint for Golden Demon

    Hi all. Aussie Golden Demon is on October 1 in Sydney this year, and as it will be my first games day I want to win stuff. Hopefully. Maybe the U18 single or something. Anyway, I need to start painting now and want advice on what models are good choices for painting.

    My questions:

    What models do the judges tend to like?
    What models offer the most detail in general?
    What models are best for NMM?
    What models are best for metallics?
    What models offer the most space/goodness for freehand?

    I reckon thus far that I will be painting:

    Iron Hand Straken
    Elysian Tauros vehicle / Land Speeder Storm / Dreadnought of some description
    Shadow Spectre squad

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on the matter? Maybe this is all too secretive and I shouldn't be sharing it at all, but I'm hoping that I can get some ideas and opinions in time for me to paint up some beauties.

    Cheers for commission painting

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    It says somewhere that they prefer things that fit best with the "atmosphere" of their game systems. A fantastically painted Space Marine with a Hello Kitty banner won't win anything. Its in your best interest to paint something that does convey that atmosphere well.

    There's some things that show up all the time and some good rules of thumb/stereotypes that I've learned.

    -A Space Marine (one of the main few chapters)
    -Some of the judges don't like NMM (For example Jes Goodwin hates it, and sometimes he judges)
    -Whatever was most recently released
    -When in doubt, give it a big banner
    -There have been times where they have non-staff do some of the judging, and even some staff aren't too all-knowing, so sometimes they might not notice that you converted/swapped some part. Going over-the-top is usually better.

    I always like to do something a little different. For example: in the LOTR categories, everyone, and I mean everyone paints the exact same half dozen figures (Aragorn, Arwen, Gollum, Galadriel, Celeborn, Gandalf with lighting effect on staff, etc). In my opinion stuff like that gets stale, so I like to go with something a lot more unique.

    That could probably make a new thread on it's own... Those overdone entries that are at every GD: The awesome looking Space Marine holding a big banner, The gigantic scratchbuilt/converted vehicle, the "what the hell was he thinking" joke entry (anyone remember the American Flag Vindicator tank from one of the LAGD's?), The single model on some huge ridiculous display base... I could think of a hundred more... lol

    Bottom line though, is don't try to play the judges. Paint something that looks cool, to your absolute best ability, and go from there. Newer models certainly help.

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    I agree with matt on this subject, you will find that a good percentage of people who enter will be in the same mindset of 'what figure will the judges like the most' yet your GD piece will have to both fit into the gaming universe (whichever system you choose) and have something extra that will leave a positive lasting effect on whoever judges your figures.

    As for techniques as much as it comes down to each judge and their taste on particular techniques, and so really I wouldnt use a technique if its solely to try and impress when really it is not something that is incorporated into your personal style. Just make sure you are flawless with the basics and the model is executed well. If the painting is flawless and you feel you have done justice to yourself and your ability without compromising your own style and taste then you know you have done all that you can.

    Plus you always have the forums here if you ever feel that you want to run an idea through, or even thoughts on colours used, texture etc

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    If you are simply trying to snatch as many Daemons as possible you should paint something Games Workshop will be publishing soon or has recently published since they will be looking for Pictures that Promote the Product... For this time in the year I would go with Dark Eldar, Blood Angels and Maybe Warhammer Forge, if you can get your hands on it as quickly as possible...

    The sheer Idea of something like this makes me frown and I strongly disencourage you to do so, though... Paint a Project that comes from your Heart and that you simply want to see become reality rather then promoting a Product alone...

    Edit: I have just noticed that you are located in Australia...?... The Aussie GD is a special one that uses a Unique System of Dropping Miniatures by your Local Store... There they will choose a Store Winner (the Smallest Step...), then Regional and finally Country Wide Winners... Something small, maybe just realeased would be good to paint then, Single Miniature 40K maybe... How about the New Dark Eldar Lelith or Uriel...?...

    It must be hard to run a Commission Studio from Australia with Shipping Fees Cutting your Money...?...
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    I will agree with what's been said, but with emphasis on the "your heart has to be in it" part. The best projects come from an idea you have had for a while and really care about seeing through to the end. Otherwise you won't put in the time to make it something really special.

    Good Luck,

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    new stuff, stuff that sells

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    Yeah, I dont actually like the idea of painting something simply because it is new and GW wants pictures of it painted nicely. BTW, from now on the Aussie Golden Demon is going to be like everywhere else because we are getting Games Day so it is 'rock up in Sydney and have everything judged at once'. A trip to Sydney it is.

    I think I'll do a diarorama this year, which really allows for creativity and personalisation. A duel could also be fun. Can I enter FW minis in standard categories? Then FW chooses the FW Best of Show?

    I dont really want to play the judges, I'd prefer paint something for many hours or whatever that I actually like to paint rather than feel I should paint because the judge might like it more. If those two things coincide then more power to me.
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    I'm in Oz too. What I have been hearing regarding Demons down here is that yes we are having a games day this year. But that the Store, Regional and Finals will continue as is just a month earlier. I think if GW try to eliminate the postal entry format in Oz then the competition will be a few slow years dying. That said I plan on making the trip to Sydney this year.

    As for what to paint, I'll go with what the others have said above. Paint something you like. If you dont like it and want to paint it how will you give it your best? That said you want your entry to stand out from the others. You can do this in a number of ways one of which is to choose something that is different to what everyone else is painting. Look at what goes on in the other GD's around the world before the Aussie one and pick something different and interesting.

    Other than that, do your best and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Good luck with it.

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