Krissy, Modern Witch [Reaper] 2011 Jan
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    Default Krissy, Modern Witch [Reaper] 2011 Jan

    Hello everyone This is my first Rearper mini painting

    done a bit more wash (lazy way of adding the details): mud, dark, grey, red ...
    done the moon, grey - chain mail silver - m silver, basically I got lazy and did dry brushing
    done the hat, and a bit of hight ligts to the stocking (kneel), M Silver dry brush :P
    also did a bit of sucessive hightlight on the hair, not too well...

    will do a bit more fixing when I got her on the base

    The base (this is a girl and my friend like macroom)

    Cat familiar done could have done a lot more but I am pressing for time.
    got her on the base, the right leg didn't fit in too well....
    After a few corrections on the witch the cat will go on the base, then we are done

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    Ahh very nice yellows! The gray seems a little flat, but that happens sometimes with photographs. Love the model too

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    thanks the grey is flat coz I only did very little dry brush on the knee (silver), planning to make it a bit transparent :P

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    She is coming along very nicely. Kepp it up.


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    Updated, the mini is finished and gave to a friend as a birthday gift she loves it

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