probably a stupid question..............
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Thread: probably a stupid question..............

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    Default probably a stupid question..............

    i'm a new member of this wonderful i don't know nothing about ....
    i have to ask a question:
    how many time must elapse before the mini that i have upload became visible on this site?

    thanks for answer

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    Hi Irmo, the images for the Gallery are moderated, so every 24 hours or so one of the guys who help out approve the images (to make sure that they're pictures of miniatures & not porn!). I don't think I've ever had to wait more than 2 days anyway, with it being a weekend I guess it just depends how busy they are

    Cheers, B.
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    thank you bpi...

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    The moderators are a lazy bunch of sad sacks, but usually they get around to it.

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    The posting gets a "real" URL right away, it's just not listed yet. So you can pimp it in the forums or the Shoutbox right away if you like. To get that link, just click on the new posting picture in your "my pictures" where you uploaded it.

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    But honestly, I think less than 24 hours will pass before a pic is 'moderated'.

    Weekends sometimes a bit more, but on average, that seems about right.

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