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    Default Gluing models to sanded bases

    I try to glue my models to my sanded bases(PVA glue cover on base sprinkled with sand), however no glue I have tried works all that well. Gluing the model using PVA glue needs the bond to cure for more than 24 hours and when it has cured the bond is kind of rubbery. Super glue is absorbed by the sand like putting a water drop on a piece of paper, leaving no glue to actually stick the model to the base.

    So what shall one use?

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    I bumped into this one recently when a plastic Bretonnian Archer pinged off his base, I only dropped him a short distance onto carpet I'd still use a medium CA (superglue) but pin it. If you're lazy like me, with one pin, otherwise through both feet You can then blob some glue or epoxy putty onto the bits of pin poking through the bottom of the base to really secure it.

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    BPI's got it right - just pin the fig to the base. Easy as. If you want to be doubly-sure, drill the hole through the base first. Get a set of pliers and bend the pinning rod 90 degrees at one end, then thread it through the hole. The L-shaped end of your rod will hook securely to the base once you glue that end in, and all you have to worry about is the fig falling off the other end .

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    Another option you can include with pining is that once you have worked out where the mini is going to fit on the base, you PVA and sand around the feet. Pull the mini of so that you can spray and paint the base and then stick the mini back on the base permanently using the the neat foot holes.
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    I wonder... are you generally sanding your bases before adding the mini? Really you should glue the miniature to the base and then add the sand around the feet. Otherwise, even if you pin the figure he'll look a bit like he's hovering rather than with his feet naturally flat against the terrain.

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    In the past I have always sanded the bases first and then scraped off sand for the model to be glued on. My past bases has been nothing but rudimentary simply one layer of sand and a layer of paint on top of that. However I wanted to make this new army better so I have put a lot of effort into the terrain features of the bases and magnetized them:

    I do not want to redo all the work I have put into them and scraping off the sand is not going to be pretty. While we are on the topic of making bases. Should I glue the models to the bases before I start painting?
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    For gaming miniatures i glue the model to the base, texture it then paint. I find it easier that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJB View Post
    I wonder... are you generally sanding your bases before adding the mini? Really you should glue the miniature to the base and then add the sand around the feet. Otherwise, even if you pin the figure he'll look a bit like he's hovering rather than with his feet naturally flat against the terrain.
    yeah, that's my opinion too

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    But I made a mistake and didn't glue the model to the bases first. So how shall I remedy this if PVA and Super Glue isn't working all that good, pinning is not an option as I have magnetized the bases already.

    I am thinking, mix some sand with some glue in order to avoid looking like the model is floating. However what glue would be appropriate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordmetroid View Post
    But I didn't do that so what shall I do?
    I think if you pin it, drilling into the sand with a pin vice.

    Once that sets, just add a bit more sand to fill the gap.

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    Bases really look good! Are you planning to paint the bases by the way? If so then the absorbancy issue is fixed by watering down some pva glue with water and "washing" the base. This also has the benefit of making it easier to paint as it won't wick the paint up either. A small amount of filler/putty on the feet of the model could be used to fill in the gaps in the sand. Probably some kind of universal glue (UHU) - or high viscocity super glue (i.e. thick) is your best bet.


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    Yes, my intention is to prime and paint the bases and add some artificial water, they will be swampy bases for my Night Goblin Tribe called Shroom 'eads. Thanks RubeBrush for all your advice, I will surely follow them.

    What I am a little bit worried about if I glue the models to the bases before I start painting is that I would not be able to reach much anything without bumping into something else. It will be quite tight with 5 models on a base filled with terrain features.
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    I'd put the pins in, but not glue them in place until they are painted.

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    From that I'd seal them with pva/water, put pins into the legs of your mini's and drill the corresponding holes into the base. As Vikey says, leave the mini's off and assemble them once all painted. As gohkm says, folding the pin over at a 90 degree angle will give you a firm pin - if you don't bend it quite right, you can always put a blob of greenstuff underneath to do the same. All of my Space Wolves are pinned to the bases in this manner and it works very soundly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordmetroid View Post
    I try to glue my models to my sanded bases
    Surely that's the wrong way round? Figure to base then sand.
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    I think he's figured that out, but the milk was already spilt, so to speak.

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    Try using a super glue accelerator like Zip Kicker. Spray or brush on the zip kicker onto the sand on the base then apply super glue to the feet of the mini and then carefully place it, the accelerator will still react to the super glue even if it dries abit and should almost instantly set the super glue in place. I use a dropper bottle to apply a drop of kicker to the base then put a drop of medium CA super glue on each foot, takes a few seconds to dry and its great for scenic bases and you can use it with or without pinning, likeif your gluing a mini to a natural real rock that you cant drill into.

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    i often make a base then attach the mini. you can use a shallow pin (sometimes even just shape the slotta tab to make a rudimentary pin for metal minis) if you can muster it (not essential if you cant), carve off a bit of the sand in the area where you want a foot, add a tiny blob of GS, put a drop of crazy glue on the bottoms of both feet, then press the mini in to the spot. hold for ~30 seconds, then let it sit for a few hours at least. never had a problem with minis falling off bases that way.

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    Try Araldite

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    I always create the base first then drill corresponding holes and pin 1 leg. Using a dab of superglue on each foot. I've stepped on 1 and it stayed on the base. Broke the both arms in odd places but it was still attached to the base quite securely.

    In my experience, and obviously there are more techniques than i can attest too, but gluing the fig first and then sanding makes it appear as though the fig is sunken in the sand. The glue pools up around the feet and the sand kinda builds up there. I've ruined several hobby knife blades scraping this sand back.. Maybe I'm just using to much glue or something, but that's my experience.

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