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    Second time I painted this dude. I tried to focus on the face and the uniform a little more this time. Please fire away any crit's or comments. Thanks amigos!

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    Wow, that's really cool.

    I like the figure quite a bit, and you've really captured his 'arrogance'.

    Really reminds me of a mini-George C. Scott!

    Patton in the 41st Millinium.

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    Wow, excellent work Scott. The uniform is spot on. Good contrast and good blending. And thank you for posting honest pictures where it is actually possible to appreciate the miniature and your work in all detail

    It shows though that you concentrated on the uniform and the face. The boots, pants and base could have used a little more work. These parts are not bad, but they are not as good as the rest. The boots in particular could have used stronger highlights. I am pretty sure an officer like this would have shiny boots

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    The uniform is realy good. So good in fact that I'm going to ask for a tutorial. I believe that the red parts could use just a bit more highlighting. The boots need to be highlighted more as well. I know black is one of the trickiest colours to get right. One method I use for black is basecoating the area with a dark shade of grey or blue, washing it with Badab Black and then highlighting it by adding Comando Khaki to the basecoat. Overall it's a very good mini and you manged to capture the character of the officer very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    Wow, that's really cool.

    I like the figure quite a bit, and you've really captured his 'arrogance'.
    yes, he seems bored with proceedings!

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    Thanks for the comments gang! Some good observations there.

    The uniform was not too complex for painting. I basecoated with VMC Green Grey. I shaded with a mix of basecoat and P3 Coal Black, pure coal black, and a lot of Badab Black wash in the shadows. Highlights were done by adding P3 menoth white to the basecoat and finally menoth white on it's own. A very little bit of pure menothe white highlight on some of the edges of the uniform too. It took a long ass time as everything after the basecoat was done around 3 or 4 : 1 water. I've been trying to go slower and take my time going back and forth on areas and sort of mentally breaking the mini up into sections rather than do things like the whole uniform at once. On this mini I did thins like work on one of the arms too completion, then move on. This invariably led me to grow dissatisfied with the stuff I had done earliest, so I kept going back to it.

    Anyway, thanks again for the observations and comments guys!

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    I love the depth of the grey. Very nicely done. If I had one critique, I would say that his skintone looks a little younger than the rest of him implies. Maybe next time, mix in a little GW Fortress Gray with your palate and try that out.


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    Excellent work there. I really like the face. I painted this mini when it was released and it was a blast to paint. All these advisor minis really are recommended.

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