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    Cool Grot Bomb

    It's a scientific fact that painting grots, along with brushlicking makes you a hapier painter. That means that in regular intervals I get to paint various "feel-good" grot minis. This time it was one of the most characterfull Forge World minis. I airbrushed the base colours on and then painted the details with a brush. Everything except the grot pilot and the base received washes of oil colours both for shading and weathering. I'm happy with the results of this slightly unusual painting method and it was also a quick paintjob taking just a little more than two afternoons' worth of work to finish. Can anyone guess the inspiration for the paintscheme...?

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    That is fantastic. The Grots smooth skin looks real!

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    Agreed, very nice piece. In particular I like the rivets and dinged up look of the steel fins. Is that supposed to be a plunger on the tip of the bomb?
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    Thanks supervike! Half the credit for the skin should go to 'Eavy Metal as I used their tutorial for painting gretchin skin. Any guesses about the inspiration for the paintscheme...?

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    i think you are right, i have a handful of grots that look ace and i really look forward to painting something fun, simple and small.

    nice work btw!

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    @IdofEntity: If you mean the round metallic thing on the nose I painted it metallic so it looks like a detonator and also to break up the dark colour of the area.

    @ Freakinacage: Hmm, we could make a thread for people to post pics of grots or other fun minis.

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    Nice, smooth colors. I love this model i must get one soon..

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