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    GW sees fit to hold off on all books that need to be written such as WOOD ELVES TOMB KINGS OGRE KINGDOMS, AND BRETONNIAN. To bring you Orcs and Goblins. Will the new book be any good or will Black Orcs still suck more bolt then RC on the weekend. Will the Orcs have Piggy Boyz that get a 2+ armor save and a str 5 attack like all the other knights in the game for less then 30 points. Is it just me or has any one seen how good dragon prince's are for 30pts. Will the army finally stop being an over priced crap fest with only one good list that you cant have because of the new rules. One thing I would like to see happen because I own 6000 points of it. Is a true horde army which is the only rumor I have heard that they new Orcs and Goblins may be showing up to the field with some 300 models in 2250pts. What I want to see is an Orc Boy for 7pts that already starts with ws 4 str 4 with heavy armor, shield, and choppa which at least makes them as good as a dwarf warrior. Which is good if that were the case gone would be the days of out right death.

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    I've only heard good things of the new armybook. I would suggest you to go to the greenskin forum if u want to know more about it

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