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    The hollow (or here referred to as "inverted") bases were created by me in 2004 and produced my me as Valloa's Vale (now part of Morland Studios) from 2006 onward. I have not given any permission to this company, or any other company producing this bases permission to use my IP and copyright. Every company that does so, is infringing and appropriate legal notices have been sent.


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    I am sorry Madame,

    but you are wrong! I know minimum two producers who are producing these Bases. One in Europe, one in Australia. And they are producing these bases for a much longer time i think!

    Just have a look at Back2BaseX and search for inverted bases!

    And sorry, how can you get a copyright on a base if even GW cant get it and stop all the others from producing them.
    Do you wanne have the copyright for stone or temple bases as well ?



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    It is you who is wrong. I created these before back2baseX was around.

    Yes, I can and do have the copyright and IP rights because *no one* produced or had the idea or made hollow bases before I did. Because I was the first, yes I can.

    I do not want the copyright for stone or temple bases as I have not created them and those are also copied from real life architecture. Hollow bases are not and were a completely new creation.


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    Hello Folks,

    I just registered because of this case! It is complitely funny to read this.
    Mrs. Valloa, in your position I would be a little bit less loud. You are talking about a completely new creation in 2004.

    There are many more people who did inverted bases before you. For example Werner Klocke from "Freebooter-Miniatures".
    Have a look here:
    I have some lead examples of his inverted bases in my hand. I can read "2001 - Werner Klocke"
    As I remember, he did the work in 2000 or 1999.

    And in fact, you are pointing out you created something that minimum one person crated before you!
    My advice is, calm down, be quiet and don't get the rist to get a letter from that one


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    Actually, Reaper has been doing inverted bases for years to accommodate their miniatures with integrated round bases. Same with Ral Partha.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    I find it disturbing that you are in the miniature community and can not tell the difference between a lipped base like Freebooter's, Reaper's and Ral Partha's and a hollow base like the ones that are being produced by the other companies in question.

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    Can't remember too clearly, but I'm pretty sure I've been looking at these in their paper catalogs since the 90s.

    Ral Partha has been making these since at least the late 90s for Battletech.

    And yep, I can't tell the difference between PK-Pro's products, Reapers, Ral Partha's and yours (I could find no examples online). I'm not a lawyer any more but I do still know my way around IP law a little. Perhaps you can explain what makes your product different from the predecessors? Having actually owned Ral Partha and Reaper bases, I'd have to say they are basically GW 25mm/40mm/50mm style bases with square edges, and a flat piece on the bottom to prevent the miniature from falling out. I presume that's what you mean by a hollow/inverted base? I'd have to say if that's your claim to novelty, unfortunately it isn't... but I do suggest you write Ed Pugh at Reaper Minis (one of the owners) to clear things up; he's active at
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Now this discussion is going to become silly!

    Do you claim the right in the name or the type/style of the base? I don't realy understand.
    What the fxxxxx is the differens between a lipped and a hollow base but the name?
    Isn't the style the same?

    If i would be one of the company i would rename my product and call them "Base with and edge"
    and i should have no problem.

    I just measured the dimensions of Mr. Klockes, one old Ral Patha and a Tabletop-Art base and i can't find
    a significant difference but +/- 0,5 mm. Thats the tollerance of a mold


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    Hi there!

    Sorry, but that's kinda ridiculous! It is like you wanna sue someone for using a cork in a whine bottle and say you have invented that way of closing whine bottle in 2004!
    And even better, you don't even have a single base of said type on your website for sale!
    So what?
    Don't you realise how you make a fool of yourself, Valloa?

    Ha ha ha!


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    Prove it or you're wrong. Yes, it is that easy.

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