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    Default Nessh

    He pullsh a knife, you pull a gun, he shends one of yoursh to the hoshpital you shend one of hish to the morgue thatsh the shcigago way........

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    Default periscope depth...

    Shome thingsh in hear don\'t react too well ta bulletsh....

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    Default Highlander....

    Oh Shod! What a crap effect. Everyone can shee the stringsh:flip:

    You have to know the scene to appreciate that one. I am sure you all do though;)

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    Default shilly but

    Juan Shanchshez Villa-Lobosh Ramirezsh

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    You\'re the man now, dawg!

    (ok..not one of his best movies...but extremely funny to hear him say)


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    Default Shorry to be a shimpleton...

    But what film wash that from?

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    Finding Forrester, IIRC

    Basically Sean tutoring a young black man and trying to be \'hip\' opposed to \'in need of hip replacement\'. :)

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    A local radio station had a debate over whether old can be sexy. Sean Connery was held up as a sexy older person. The man on thenegative asked the viewer to visualise Sean Connery as sexy as he said Colostomy and

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    It takes an Irishman to play the pipes -

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    Default That\'sh unfair...

    Originally posted by paintingploddy
    The man on thenegative asked the viewer to visualise Sean Connery as sexy as he said Colostomy and
    Hey! The man wearsh a kilt... I don\'t think he would do that if he were either incontinent or needed a coloshtomy:flip:

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    Default funny story- one just like this popped up on me at work, got some weird looks-ouch:

    Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    How did the moderators manager to pass this one? And so long ago as well.

    Ok I\'m not one of the \"Morality police\" and don\'t want to be classed as a \"Prude\", but that is definitley not a suitable subject for this site.

    Personally I would like to see this removed.

    Flashman14: I\'d say thanks for the Heads up warning on this but It\'s one I\'d rather not have seen!
    Good Grief think about it, if that pops up as a random choice at someones place of work. In some companies that would be cause for dismissal.
    Had to explain fast too, good thing my boss had a sence of haha, still embaracing -plus being a closet nerd brought out. (I know, shoulda ratted blah blah) just letting you know thogh its not just a fantasy these good folks could loose the PG rating and fast, just how it is- sorry if i offend any artists...
    What turns others cranks i\'ll never know. In my opinion these figs are useless to me for gaming- so a big Simon \" what.\" Besides why include me in your sick fantacies or my kids- make your own website if you dig that thing. Good for you for controlling what you want, boundries are important/ healthy, doesn\'t mean you\'re a nazi. Just keep a sence of haha, but keep it clean where little ones are concerned........Signed, A Dad.

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    Personally I like it. It\'s definately art, one of the oldest subjects around, but it\'s also pornography so it doesn\'t really have a place on this site.

    What I don\'t like about it is the blood-I find that a bit disgusting. I hate all blood if it isn\'t food. That type of blood is definately my least favourite, even more disgusting than blood from my own veins (my second \"least favourite\" type of blood).

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