Silver armor, what do you guys think?
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Thread: Silver armor, what do you guys think?

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    Default Silver armor, what do you guys think?

    This picture is from the Battlehosts book from GW, I really liked how they painted this armor, what do you guys think, by looking at this picture is the closest way to paint this guy's armor??

    thanks a lot


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    Silver has a very "white" metallic colour, there's usually no blue tone in it (look at a silver tea pot or something). So resist the urge to NMM with any blue at all. That's all I can suggest.

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    If it's their standard 'Eavy Metal job, i was told by one of the team that they generally base coat chainmail, build up shade with chaos black layers (v.thin) then use Mithril silver (v.thin) to highlight. For quick and dirty table top, probably base chainmail, wash badab black then edge highlight mithril silver.

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    Wicksy is correct as far as I am concerned...looks like the typical chainmail, black wash shading and highlighting with mithril silver job.

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    Default While it has blue in it, I think this may help you. Just stick to black and white and you should be good to go.
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    when shading the armor down with Chaos Black, do you have to do at least a couple of layers with the heavily thinned down Black? I have only done one, and it doesn't look good, but I've never tried more than 2, is this the problem maybe?


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    That depends entirely on how thin the wash is, and whether you are applying it all over or in successively thinner strips. We'd need pics to offer advice

    Once the washes are done, the hilighting will also help clean it up in a hurry.

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    If you want to try blended shading, you may need up to 10-15 thin layers of black to get a nice gradual blend. However if you're aiming for table top, one layer of badab black should do you.

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    I shade down to shadow using around 10 layers...for tabletop around 4-5.

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    for some reason whenever I use the wash with Chaos Black it gets splotchy, do you guys experience this??

    If you do what do you guys do to fix it?


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    Sounds like the layers you're applying are too thick. You need to use thin layers of watered down chaos black or badab black wash watered down plus a spot of dishwashing soap. That should help reduce the splotchyness. Do you have a pciture of the paint job?

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    i'll take a pic when I do it again, thanks a lot.

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