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    Smile Imperial Missionary

    Since the mini is varnished now I'm making a thread here as well. I love how this sculpt captures the darkness and insanity of the 40k universe. I did a minor conversion replacing the icon he was carying with the top of Eisenhorn's staff from the Inquisitor range but other than that the mini is in its original form.

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    I really like that. First of all, you a very neat painter, but you haven't lost the 'grittiness' that should be present in a model like this.

    The metallics are very nicely done, as is the dark red blending.

    I'd say an 8 from me.

    Very solid piece.

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    Love it but, one little niggle that threw me, the almost pristine 'scroll' attached to the staff just doesn't gel with the grim atmosphere of the rest of the mini.

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    Thanks supervike! TBH since I discovered the sponge chipping method adding extra gritiness (aka weathering) is never a problem.

    You're spot on waghorn41. The scroll looks out of place and it's totally my fault. I've found an easy recipe for scrolls and I'm using on all my minis without thinking whether it fits the mini or not. I should find a recipe for more yellowy and faded scrolls.

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    i agree the scroll does stand out a tad. otherwise, a very nice mini

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    yeah i dig it! very cool model to begin with and your painting & colour choices are very good.
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