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    Default Avengers assemble!

    For my 15,000th post, I thought I'd start a WiP Log of my newest project.

    It'll most likely be slow going, and no pictures yet, but this is what I'm doing, Using KNIGHT MODELS excellent Marvel Heroes:

    Name:  marvel_poster_captain_america__thor__iron_man_and_hulk_l.jpg
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    So, far I've gotten Captain America, and the HULK. Thor is on the way, still looking for Iron Man.

    I've assembled Cap and Hulk, and done some gap filling. Pics soon to follow.

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    it's been nearly an hour and no pics?!!

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    Sorry. Had to.
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    That's some post count! Sounds like a fun project, those Knight miniatures look to be very nice

    Cheers, B.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BPI View Post
    That's some post count! Sounds like a fun project, those Knight miniatures look to be very nice

    Cheers, B.
    Oh man...I really don't believe my eyes somehow didn't read the "o" in Count... It's getting worse!
    I just thought BPI was really really impressed by the subject matter! Then I read it again and felt like a bit of a silly count.

    It'll be awesome to see, vikey. Looking forward to it!
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    Ok! Here's a Picture!

    I got Captain America right through the Marvel Online store. Just a fantastically detailed mini. A bit of a pain to assemble, not so much for the arms but for the teeny little feathers Cap has on his hat. What the hell are they supposed to be anyhow?

    Hulk I got via trade with the wonderful Scott Radom. It is a resin kit, because of the HUGE size. As you can see, they are sculpted to the same scale but Hulk towers over Cap.

    Hulk had a helluva time getting to my house from the Great White North. Poor little guy got all his fingers from one hand, and three toes from one foot broken off in transit. Luckily, they were all recovered from digging around in the box, and I even found Hulks pinky finger on my kitchen floor.

    Being resin, the breaks were all 'snaps' so it was easy peasy to glue them together.

    I'm thinking maybe a light wash of miliput will take care of any visible seam (i can't really see one)

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    oooh that hulk "miniature" looks awesome...

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    Subscribed! This is going to be great.


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    omg omg omg, i think iv just wet myself at the prospect of seeing the avengers being painted by your good self

    PD Supervike thats a lot of post's, GO OUTSIDE lol

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    Good finds man! I'm looking forward to the paintjob!
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    Hello True Believers!

    This week marked the arrival of another important part of the Avengers, THOR, son of Odin!

    Again, thanks to a trade with Scott Radom, He's come to Midgard to assist the mortals.

    Thor is by far the heaviest of the three I have yet. And the metal on him feels a bit different than on Cap. Much softer. Plus it seems superglue just kind of disappears on him...maybe it's soaking in?

    Anyhow, assembly has been a real bitch....here is is so far:

    Due to the way he's constructed, it feels like his face looks down a bit too much. Obviously, got a bunch of more work to do here, including lots of gap control.

    But, felt like painting this weekend, so, in keeping with my theme, here's a 28mm World War 2 Cap:

    Nuff Said!

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    where can you get the 28mm cap? Are there other heroes too. Thor looks good!

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    Yeah, where did you get that 28mm Cap? This is inspiring me to put together some of my KNight mini stuff. Not the stuff we traded mind you... But I still got my own Cap A, Or maybe Thor (New version).... Or Doomsy... oh man. Too many choices, I'll have to think it over. Good stuff Vike!

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    I tried to do a better job of packing Thor when I mailed him to Vike. When I sent the Hulk I sorta thought he'd be fine in his original packing but I left way to much room for stuff to shake around in there. Lesson learned! Also, for fun, I put the return address on the package with Thor in it as "The Erectile Disfunction Clinic". Man... that was fun. But the chick at the post offic made me re-do the customs declaration form when I put under contents "The Son of Odin". No sense of humor.

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    The Erectile Disfunction thing was hilarious!

    We laughed and laughed, and then when my wife realized it really wasn't Erectile Disfunction cream, she stopped laughing....Hmmm

    Anyhow, the Cap is from some guy I met on another forum. I think they cast up a few for fun....there is also a Bucky one.

    He does have his own line of stuff, but Cap isn't included in that (for obvious Licensing reasons)


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    At least you didn't put "Aesir", they might have thought it was drugs...

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    Of course if you think the same way that I do, "The son of Odin" takes on a whole different set of 'naughty' jokes.

    Vikey, are you still looking for Iron Man? I think that my LGS may have one running around. I can look if your interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mud duck View Post
    Vikey, are you still looking for Iron Man? I think that my LGS may have one running around. I can look if your interested.
    Absolutely! Please check, I'll send you a PM.

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    Allright, sent those guys a message. I also liked their "Totenkopf" officer... it almost reminds me of the Red Skull for some reason...

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    How's the project going, Vike?

    I just saw some screen shots from the new Captain America movie and I don't know if they are good guys or bad guys, but the men in black would make some great minis - as would the retro Cap.

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