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    very comprehensive Ded!
    I was venting my frustrations and creepy feelings, but I will probably eventually get over it.

    I do support my LGS, I've seen 3 fall under the trucks over the last 20 or so years, and I am determined to keep this one going.

    But I am really torn between my love for GW minis, and my hatred for their money-grubbiness and over the top legal actions.
    They play the part of the "Evil Corporate Monster" too well to be faking it.

    Time will tell.
    They DID start the huge convention and worldwide community of mini-gaming, if not from scratch, they at least pulled all the parts together and made other companies even possible, but this isn't the same GW of today, and they may just toppled over because of the collective size of their heads.

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    I nearly died when i went in today. Im working on an Eldar army so called in to get a few blisters. My 4 year old Jack wandered off, as its a small store i just let look at some of the boxs and cabinets ect. He lifted the 3 pack of ravenguard bikes. A red shirt went up to him and said maybe daddy will get you it, I said " for 25 quid he rather get an Iron man toy! he then expalined how its good to get them into it young. Anyway i thought it was funny.

    I do let him paint my old stuff as he enjoys but i aint buying new stuff for him!!

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    get 'em in young so we can brain wash them into our marketing consumer slaves...muahahahah....j/l...funny though

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    Jester, your starting to bring me down boyo!
    I think that your not getting enough sunlight. I think that after you get your Forge World Space Marine, but before you start on it, your going to have to get one of those anti S.A.D. lights. So you can quit it with the negative waves man.
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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    I really am not a negative person....I put it all out on the internet...but IRL I am positive...YAY!!

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    I am SO glad there's not a GW store near me. We've got 2 healthy (1 rather more so than the other) FLGS that provide good service and a nice variety of gaming goodness. Jester, you by FAR did the right thing by walking. I've never encountered such bizarre sales/service practices before, and I hope I never do! I'll stick with buying/trading used. =]

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    I'd just like to ask others to support their LGS, unless of course the GW store smells better. Then it's fair game.
    Nosus decipio - We Cheat

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdofEntity View Post
    I'd just like to ask others to support their LGS, unless of course the GW store smells better. Then it's fair game.
    Depends if it is gaming night or not...
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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    I don't have an LGS in my town any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    Depends if it is gaming night or not...
    Boy, you said it! Things were positively rank around one of the tables during FoW day last week. 9_9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gearhead View Post
    Boy, you said it! Things were positively rank around one of the tables during FoW day last week. 9_9
    I used to think Battle Tech strategem begin with distracting the opponent with BO and sitting in front of the only fan.

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    Whilst I am aware that some GW staffers can be overly pushy in trying to make you feel like you have to buy stuff and go mental when you criticise stuff I have never had that problem at my local GW store ( Brighton). That may in no small part be due to the fact that a: I used to work there many moons ago and b: I regularly lend them pieces from my collection to put in their cabinet. So I don't get the oppressive sales tactics.... but it's not something that I have noticed going on either when I have been in there.

    It is fair to say that a lot of the staffers that I have seen in Brighton - they do seem to get through them at a fair rate - do not know of the outside miniature world. Some have heard of CMoN but most haven't even looked at the site. Hell I met one staffer who didn't know what was on the Forge World site.

    On the subject of the GW company I did notice in a paper recently ( London Evening Standard I think) that commented on the fact that profits were down, in part due to reductions in staff levels in shops and probably bad placing of some stores. The lack of staff in some places is sheer stupidity when you consider what the staff have to do - man the till / talk to customers / teach gaming / teach painting and keep an eye on the rest of the people in the store. Brighton is a 2 man store but on one Sat there was only one staff member dealing with all the usual stuff plus a store painting comp. I managed to stop a kid from shoplifting - he dropped the stuff and ran off. He had well over £100 of stuff in the bag. Employing a casual would have been cheaper for the day. They must lose so much stock in their understaffed stores. Another GW staffer admitted to me that in another one man store on the south coast they lost 30% of their stock in 6 months ( I think - at most 12 months) due to shoplifting.
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    I think it's funny they suggest someone buy it for a 4 year old when it is obviously not made for young children. I think it even says on the webpage it s a game for people 12 and up. My sister would kill me if I gave my 5 yr old nephew a box of space marines. Though the thought of her trying to assemble something like that with her son jumping around her is highly amusing. Plus he would promptly break all of them.

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    Straw that broke the camels back for me was when the new manager of Carlisle turned his back on me in the middle of a conversation where he was trying to foster enthusiasm for the new high elves using a weird creepiness that he must have mistook for charm. Soon as I dropped the line 'more of a painter than a gamer' he turned his back on me and immediately began blathering at someone else.

    Either he is very rude or has autism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by montka View Post
    Either he is very rude or has autism.
    Could it be both? LOL.

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    I try my best to never step into a GW store, being talked to like a 2 year old never washes with me. I always buy on-line.

    I've never had an argument with them, and appreciate they keep the kiddies happy. However if I walk in without a child or a GW army case, then it generally means I know exactly what I'm looking for, and I should be left to it, of course that never happens, and I'm asked what army I collect. When I say none, they do get a little confused.

    If I'd hadn't grown up with the "good old days" of GW, I'd tell them were to go, but instead I look at the staff members with pity at how much GW have diluted their own system.

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