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    hello my name is stephane simon , i work nine years for Rackham (ophidians, acheronians..)and i show my works on my blog
    i show personal works here "la rose du mal", i wait réactions, if you want details come too see my blog!Name:  DSCN0084.JPG
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    Well you already know I like your stuff. I think cover her boobs and she will be perfect

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    hello and thanks atacam, it's too late for the boobs!!i give the miniature for the cast!!

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    wow, all i can say... I saw your page and you have some awesome work there! What are you using for these sculpts, green stuff (doesn't look like it)?

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    thnaks Ione, i use FIMO (champagne colour) with mix quick for all my sculpt, i put Duro on the metal structure and quickly cover with fimo.

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    incredible... did one robot while back with fimo, wasn't satisfied with the details... anyways you are doing great!

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    REALLY like your style! Shame I never got the molochs or drune riders although I got most of the other things

    So far sculpting fimo has gone better for me as well than greenstuff. Do you use regular quality of the "soft" version? And do you bake often in between? You're inspiring me to give it another try

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    thanks Irongollem! , if i understand your question,i use Duro on the frame and cover with fimo(when duro is fresh again ), i use fimo "classic" champagne(generally 60%) with mix quick (40%), less mixquick for the base and more when i add details.I try to cook the miniature only when it 's finish, it's the avantage of fimo or scultpey.

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    Simon, do You usually know how your work would be looking in general? Or You think it out while sculpting and update concept?

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    for my personal project i start with general idea and position: "big warrior with big axe"(Ulric), "hunchback demon", "baby doll" or "cannibal dwarf" , i start the sculpt and all details comes slowly (weapon, jewelry, dead baby etc...).it's the case for Ulric and Rose, at the start i don't know exactly what they will be at the end.
    For commissions i start with a concept provided by compagny and i sculpt it with my style, if you have further questions do not hesitate!

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    oh, I am doing the same way. the reason is I don`t like drawing. but last sculpts I did with enough complicated concept - it prevents me from ruining the model)

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    In what size are you sculpting 28mm? Is it 1:1 or bigger? Thanks!!!

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    "la rose du mal" and now the rose of Ker Ys for Maelstrom game is 35 mm at the eyes kike Apostate of Darkness i have made for Rackham

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    Hi Mentor !!
    Did you expect to hear from your favourite pupil today ?

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    Hi Stephane!! felicitations for your mini for the dark age challenge! really nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nguyen.S View Post
    Hi Mentor !!
    Did you expect to hear from your favourite pupil today ?
    Is this the Nguyen that will be working on the Conan project with their other best sculptors in the world??
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
    BloodFather's Axis of Chaos

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    Very interesting idea and a nice Sculpt. Also, I seen your models for the Conan game. Amazing and beautiful work, congratulations :-). Daniela

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