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    Default Studio McVey Painting Contest

    Wamps famous sponsored contests are back and we start this years schedule with a brand new sponsor that needs no introduciotn:

    Studio McVey

    Mike and Alison will be judging the contest and prizes are as follows:

    1st £75 credit

    2nd £40 credit

    3rd £25 credit

    Deadline is 28th March

    Full details can be found here: Studio McVey Painting Contest

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    Cool. I wonder if this will give me enough prodding so I can finish my only Studio McVey mini.....

    (doubtful, but who knows!)

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    3 weeks left folks to get those entries in

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    i've seen scott's entry, bollocks to that!

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    Anyway theres always 2nd place.........

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    1 week left for entries

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    Quote Originally Posted by darklord View Post

    Anyway theres always 2nd place.........
    good point

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    Just 4 hours left for entries folks. Some great prizes and the McVey's themselves are judging it - whats not to like!

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