The Black Templar's 4th Crusading Fleet Milestones
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Thread: The Black Templar's 4th Crusading Fleet Milestones

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    Default The Black Templar's 4th Crusading Fleet Milestones

    Hi everyone,

    Being a fanatic fans of the Black Templars Space Marines and a loyal servant of the Emperor, attached is the art work I have posted for sharing and hopefully gaining useful tips and knowledge to further improve my painting skills

    Attached is my first Land Raider Redemeer, Faithless Retribution

    Name:  CIMG3572.JPG
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    Name:  CIMG3577.JPG
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    Name:  LRR Faithless Retribution.jpg
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    Cheers and good day!
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    Here are some more attachements for my humble art piece

    Name:  LRR00 V2.jpg
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    Name:  LRR02 V2.jpg
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    Name:  LRR03 V2.jpg
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    superb, not all clean and line highlighted like the studio army but gritty and sharp still. never liked templars before but these look sweet

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    Hi Super Freak,

    Thanks for the comment

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    Manage to load the last image after several tries, not sure what went wrong. Here it goes for everyone's comment

    Name:  LRR02 V2.jpg
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    very well presented i like the more muted less brash golds almost brass like nice one

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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adeptus_Custodes View Post
    Hi Super Freak,
    you sir, shall go far!

    i just realised why it all looks so smooth and smokey, you use dip you cheating bastard!! shows that it can be used well. i assume you brush it on? i have been experimenting with it of late. you can thin it well with turps. also you can tint it with oils, doesn't seem to affect the drying time, you don't need much oil

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    Actually its just dry brushing with adeptus battle grey, GW paint range Hope it clarifies

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    Attached is a BTSM apothercary leading a tatical squad

    Name:  Lysander 00 V2.jpg
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Size:  43.6 KBName:  Lysander 01 V2.jpg
Views: 236
Size:  39.1 KBName:  Lysander 02 V2.jpg
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Size:  38.1 KBName:  Lysander 03 V2.jpg
Views: 234
Size:  39.3 KBName:  Lysander 05 V2.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  37.5 KBName:  Lysander 04 V2.jpg
Views: 232
Size:  40.3 KBName:  Lysander 07 V2.jpg
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Size:  54.2 KBName:  Lysander 08 V2.jpg
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Size:  62.3 KBName:  Lysander 06 V2.jpg
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    A summary of my BTSM LLR Faithless Retribution:

    Name:  LRR Faithless Retribution.jpg
Views: 278
Size:  307.9 KBName:  LRR00 V2.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  780.3 KBName:  LRR01 V2.jpg
Views: 225
Size:  816.4 KBName:  LRR02 V2.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  880.8 KBName:  LRR03 V2.jpg
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    great work, i like the red and black, as compared to the usual black and white. i have a large BT army and i try to incorporate more red than white too. but your work blows mine out of the water! good job, keep the pics coming.

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    That's looking nice indeed. The dark red suits it nicely. I love the vehicles.
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    Nice lookin force - busy (in a good way!), reminiscent of the artwork you see. Look fwd to seein more!

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