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Thread: looking for sculptor; 54mm base

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    Default looking for sculptor; 54mm base

    hi yall
    im looking for someone to do a commission for me. im would like a sanguinius. i would like it to resemble this
    i would be willing to pay 150 usd. please notify me if your interested. thank you

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    150 USD for a 54 mm Miniaure on that concept...?... I am sorry, but that´s way under anything that is being paid even with bad wages... Most sculptors I know charge per sculpted Millimeter, starting from about 10 EURO (14 USD)... per mm... and that´s only the bottom line of what a good Sculptor should charge for his good commissioned work...

    So... Hope you can afford to spend way more or you give it a try by yourself useing a Base Model and rather try converting it into what you are looking for... I am pretty sure you will find good wings that don´t need to be sculpted (hell of a task...), the general Sanguinius Body is a bit more tricky...
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