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    Default 'Eavy Eavy Eavy' 'Metal Metal Metal'!!!!!!!!

    Hehe ~ I've always marvelled at the quality and talented painting that the GW 'Eavy Metal crew created! Going way back to Mike McVey's early high standard of wonderful mini-painting. To name but one wonderful painter. But, I can't help but reminisce on past posts (going way back to the Rackham days/2003...), where people were saying that the GW painting crew lacked in comparison. Man! Look at this! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...=o.10474880338 Just BULLSHIT! (BULLSHIT = absolutely amazing!) And just check out GW 'Eavy Metal's' painted version of Kapitan Badrukk. A treasure map on his loincloth! So cool! 'Eavy Metal rulz!!!!!!!! Unashamed fanoldman over and out!

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    Yep! my favourite team of painters

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    The 'eavy metal painters are some of the most talented, giving people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

    GW did hit a big dry patch where their minis lacked that something special, that must make painting to a high standard harder still, but there has always been the odd gem.

    It is good for the community that GW has low as well as high times - it promotes healthy competition and good ideas in all directions.

    Generally, aside from minis and sets that take a year or so to complete, I think the eavy metal painters are a true benchmark of the cutting edge.

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    When ever I see something painted by Daz Latham I literally want to run home and pick up a brush. Great team! They should let them run GW

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    the only problem with eavy metal is the time they get to paint the minis. when they do their own stuff, it is, without exception, awesome.
    edit - which one is barukk?
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    Daz Latham is a fantastic painter and an inspiration ( and an asperation ...sp.?) to us all. The GW eazy metal team as a whole are a very accomplished bunch of painters.

    @ Freak -Badrukk is the 40k Ork Freebooter ( Pirate ) Kapitan
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    Yup, I have to confess my admiration for them too - yes, they have tight turnaround times, but jeez do they come up with the goods in spite of that!

    There's some true masters in that lot, and one thing you can pretty much always say is that there is an EM 'look' - not to say everything is by numbers, just consistently crisp, bold and a great representation of whatever the subject may be!

    Yeah, fanboy vent over, sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    the only problem with eavy metal is the time they get to paint the minis. when they do their own stuff, it is, without exception, awesome.
    edit - which one is barukk?
    I didnt see it on the facebook page but i have a picture from when i visited the studio:

    It was my pc background for ages One of my favourite models that i saw in the display cases.

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    thank you sir!

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